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Welcome to this World Market review. It’s a new marketplace which seems to offer most if not all the features that we seek in a darknet market.

Is it the right market for you? Does it offer the right products? How can you make payments? Is it anonymous? Can the vendors be trusted? Those are just some of the questions we’re answering in this World Market review today.

Here’s everything you’d learn on this piece in the next few minutes:

World Market in a nutshell

There are a few features which sum the entire marketplace up. Here they are:

Alternative Mirrors:

Let’s get familiar then?

World Market product stock

We’re starting here because these are what make, or break a marketplace, right? Without the right products, you wouldn’t step into a mall or a shop, would you? The same holds true for these markets as well, doesn’t it?

World Market offers 925 products as of today. The market was launched in November, 2020; less than a month ago. Do consider that while going through this World Market review in general.

We’ve prepared a graph to get you a visual treat as far as World Market products go:

As is evident, Drugs makes up for a majority of the market’s stock. But, then again, almost all the darknet markets have this in common, isn’t that right?

The Fraud category offers products which basically offer “easy money”. They may be cards, bank logins, dumps etc.

Buyers can even order fake documents, physically shipped to their addresses. Obviously cheaper digital renders too are available under the “counterfeit” category.

Basically, everything that you’d expect on World Market to be available, is available.

Do note that it doesn’t allow the sale of:

  • Hitmen services
  • Prostitution
  • Weapons
  • And Illegal porn.

In a nutshell, we’d rate its product-stock a 3/5 for now.

Selling on World Market

World Market markets itself as an “auction-styled” market.  So, it obviously facilitates trades between two parties.

Third-party vendors are accepted if they pay a $50.00 vendor fee. Anyone can create a profile, go to the “Become a vendor” page, and pay the fee.

Once done, the account is converted to a vendor account. Note that the account can’t be used for purchases after converting it to a vendor account.

Obviously the vendor accounts have their own rules and regulations. But, none of those are any different than what most other markets demand from a vendor.

Obviously, as is traditional with darknet markets, established vendors on other marketplaces may apply for a free vendor account (not that an established vendor would mind the $50.00 vendor-fee anyway.)

As far as ratings go, considering the ultra-cheap pricing, let’s go with a 4/5 for now.

Depositing funds on World Market

Deposits on World Market are very traditional. Users deposit funds to the market wallet, then use those funds to make purchases on the market.

The deposit process is pretty easy as well. Users simply need to click on the BTC amount shown on their profile. Then, they can click on a “Generate BTC address”.

A deposit address is then shown. Bitcoins can simply be deposited to this address. They arrive in the account after 2 confirmations. Unfortunately, the only coin World Market works with is Bitcoin.

Now, as far as “ease” goes, it deserves 5-stars no doubt. But, then again, the lack of a wallet-less mode and other Cryptocurrencies made us reduce this rating for the deposits from 5 to 3-stars.

Withdrawing funds from World Market

We just mentioned it isn’t wallet-less. This means funds may be left on the marketplace wallet. However, that’s not very secure (take hints from Empire Market exit-scamming with $30 million funds, huh?)

Hence, it’s best if a user withdraws whatever is left after making a purchase from World Market.

Now, World Market does allow withdrawals, but, they aren’t free. The user must pay 0.5% of the transaction in fees to the market.

By real-world standards, that’s still just $5.00 even on a $1,000.00 withdrawal. Pretty acceptable, isn’t it? Also, the withdrawals are instant.  So, we’re rating the withdrawal process at World Market a 5/5.

Transaction anonymity on World Market

Is making transactions to and fro World Market safe? It largely is. Primarily because Bitcoin, as we all know, is anonymous to a large extent by itself.

If you take the precaution of using a VPN + a Bitcoin mixer when depositing funds, not even Nakamoto can trace you (supposedly.)

However, the mixer makes withdrawals equally anonymous as well. On the withdrawal page, you’d see it recommend MiXo. It’s a third-party, independent mixer which will convert your BTC from World Market into Monero.

For some reason, World Market seems to trust the mixer and hence if it’s legit, it’ll launder your withdrawals for anonymity.

Account security & recovery on World Market

By going to your profile, you’d see a “Settings” tab. Clicking on it reveals a drop-down menu which shows most of the available security features.

The 2-FA is encouraged both for buyers and vendors. It’s optional for buyers, but, mandatory for vendors.

Enabling it will make sure just your password isn’t enough to login to your account, but, the ownership of your PGP keys must be proven on each login.

Then, you see the “Password & PIN” option, don’t you? This lets you change your PIN. This PIN is set by you during registration. It’s mandatory for withdrawals and hence is a fund-security feature.

As far as account recovery goes, the market shows a “mnemonic code” just after registrations. It facilitates account recovery.

So, we’d rate the account security & recovery a 4/5-stars (some features can still be added, which is why it didn’t get the 5-stars.)

World Market’s vendor transparency

We personally love a transparent market. A market which lets both a vendor and a buyer audit each others’ profiles before initiating a trade.

We checked a random vendor’s profile and this is what was shown:

So, it shows:


  • The number of sales (probably, the number shown just next to the username.)
  • Level
  • Escrow status (E enabled vendors are more trustworthy)
  • of sales on other marketplaces (this is verified by the market via PGP.)
  • Feedback
  • Disputes
  • Member since & last online time

This, we believe, is everything we could’ve asked for. It lets us form a pretty strong idea of a vendor’s history and past experiences. Clearly a 5-star worthy feature, wouldn’t you agree?

World Market’s search feature

This is one of the most confusing sections on this World Market review. So, we wanted to see how effective & filter-rich the search feature is.

As far as filters go, it did impress us. It offers:

  • Product-type selection (digital/physical)
  • Minimum-maximum price selection (a very rare filter)
  • Category
  • Source & destination
  • And Payment mode (Escrow vs. F.E)

Now, we almost gave it 5-stars. But then, we actually searched for a term. As is evident from the screenshot above, the search only gave us 1 product. While, in reality, Drugs is the most product-rich category on the market with over 500 listings!

This led us to the conclusion that the search panel is sure filter-rich, but, the algorithm isn’t really great at returning useful results. Hence, we’re rating the search feature  3/5 for now.

World Market review conclusion- Is it the next Silk Road?

That’ll be all for this World Market review for now folks. So, let’s sum it up? Well, we do not think it’s the new Silk Road (yet).

However, some of its most desirable features include its fast-growing product-stock, the Bitcoin tumbler, and low withdrawal fee. Obviously, there’s still room for improvement.

Note that we do not support using darknet markets for illegal purposes. However, judging purely based on its claims, without any verification, and exclusively for research purposes, the market does seem like it’s here to stay.

Why don’t you sign up and check it for yourself? It’s 100% free & instant.  (Do not trade/buy/sell illegal goods. Doing so will be 100% your own responsibility.)

Or, why don’t you check back on this World Market review in a few weeks? We’ll update and see where the market stands then!