WallStreet Market Review

Continuing the series of Darknet Market reviews that we’ve been up to, this WallStreet market review too is another addition to the series. WallStreet is one of the oldest and most well-established marketplaces known to man today so we believe this Wallstreet Market review is well deserved, isn’t it?

Alike most other Darknet Markets, WallStreet too facilitates the buying and selling of everything and anything that you can’t buy in your local stores either due to legal complications or moral boundaries.

WallStreet Market Overview:

Onion Link: wallstyizjhkrvmj

WallStreet Market may not be a Tor black market which as much experience as Dream or Valhalla, but when it comes to user-base and trust it surely has won the users over. Here’s the overview:

  • Registrations open.
  • Age: 2 years (since 2016).
  • Supports PGP/ 2 of 3 MultiSig/ 2FA / Escrow
  • 3 Vendor packages – Basic / Pro / Trusted.
  • BTC, and Monero accepted.
  • Independent official Forum: x7bwsmcore5fmx56
  • 12392 Products available.

Mirror Links:

  • wallstz2m34ip523svfasst4iob3navmlmiblqjocizrui2gcoe2m7ad
  • wallstyizjhkrvmj
  • wallst4qihu6lvsa
  • wallst3gi4a5wtn4
  • wallst6gyljfu4rk
  • wallst2qs75qkzzn
  • wallst52pxrtzwch
  • wallst7xs4tepmvb

I’ll start with a basic comparison, exactly 8 months ago the platform had 3,040 products this number has almost quadrupled in the past 8 months, back then it had 125K registered buyers and 1152 Vendors, while currently, it has 529.8K customers and 3373 Vendors.

This shows the massive exponential growth of the marketplace which acts as a trust-signal cause no one goes to a market which isn’t good enough.

How to Register on WallStreet Market?

WallStreet  Market is a registration only marketplace, meaning you need to register even simply to browse the marketplace. The registration process is pretty simple, straightforward as well as anonymous.

No personal information or identity prove is asked during registration. Users can register simply by going to the Homepage URL and clicking on Sign up for free button, or you can simply click on this link to get to the signup page directly.

As is evident from the above screenshot, basic and minimum information is required during Signup, which is simply an username and a desired password. The password too doesn’t have to (but should be) complex and anything as simple as just alphabets too is accepted.

Once the registration process is complete, you’re directly redirected to the marketplace without any further verification being required.

How Easy or Hard it is using WallStreet Marketplace?

Regardless of you being a pro Darknet market stroller or a complete newbie, an easy user-interface is always desirable. Fortunately, WallStreet’s is one of the easiest, even when compared to other older marketplaces such as Valhalla.

Here’s a glimpse of what most of the site looks and feels like:

The top bar as seen in the screenshot has all the important navigational links such as Hope, Control Panel, Support, Quality Control etc.

Just below it important information from the site admins such as Phishing notifications, announcements etc. are displayed so even the less experienced users won’t miss them.

Then there’s the left-sidebar which houses some of the most important sections of the site, starting with product categories, this is where you can directly narrow your search down to specific products in specific categories without having to key-in any keywords.

Then there’s a top-vendor section something which most other popular darknet markets miss, it helps users both new and experienced directly filter out the trusted, reputed and established vendors from the new ones who have a high chance of being scammers.

Although that doesn’t mean newer vendors are ignored and don’t get a chance to rise and shine, rather it also has a “Rising Vendors” section which lists newer vendors who are selling more frequently and in higher numbers.

The rest of the screen is the centre-screen and it is used to display the products you’ve searched for.

In a nutshell, there’s nothing too complicated or hard-to-understand with the marketplace and it has done its part of making things easier for users already.

What Products are Available on Wallstreet Market?

Nearly everything you can imagine of finding on a Darknet marketplace is available on WallSt. with some exceptions such as Child Porn and Weapons.

As of today, Wallstreet Market has as many as 12,392 products listed. That doesn’t make it the most product-rich marketplace, granted; but it does offer a plethora of products to choose from.

For starters, its drugs category is pretty dominant and has as many as 6063 products which translate into nearly 50% of the marketplace’s total product listings, the category is sub-divided into Cannabis, MDMA, Ecstasy, Opiates, Stimulants etc. making it easier to narrow your searches down.

The second most popular category on the marketplace is Digital Goods, with as many as 1818 individual listings, it too is sub-divided into Software, E-books, Gamekeys etc.

Guides and Drugs too have 1540 products with classifications such as Fraud, Drugs etc. although it’s worth noting that this category doesn’t sell drugs, rather teaches how to cook/farm your own drugs, or get away with Fraud, scams etc.

Jewelry, Security, Carding Ware, Counterfeits etc. too make for important categories and are in demand as well. In a nutshell, there’s not a lot you won’t find on WallStreet Market.


Devoting this section of the Wallstreet Market review to the security features the marketplace offers, considering how it’s pretty easy to be scammed on a marketplace, or leak communications if adequate measures aren’t taken.

The biggest security benefit it offers is, you don’t have to “deposit” funds pre-purchase to buy something on the marketplace.

Rather, you can directly send the funds to the marketplace escrow at the time of purchase making sure the marketplace doesn’t have possession of your funds or more funds than required for one purchase and hence can’t exit-scam. It functions on a “one payment per order” infrastructure.

Secondly, it offers the simple yet effective option of “Advanced login” on the login page, which let’s you set auto-logout rules for your account, so when your account isn’t active for the set time-limit it’s auto-logged out making sure no one else makes any kind of changes on your behalf to your account.

It also is one of the very few marketplaces which has partnered up with DNM Avengers, probably the only established anti-scam group on the Dark web which tests products from vendors and makes sure they’re legit and aren’t scamming people.

It not only supports PGP encryption but makes it mandatory if a user wishes to become a Vendor on the marketplace. Buyers too can use PGP not only to encrypt confidential information such as shipping details, names etc. but also to enable 2-Factor authentication.

Even though not an exclusive feature, there do exist marketplaces which do not support 2-FA yet, and from a perspective on security, it makes sure your account isn’t compromised even if your password is as 2-FA requires users to decrypt a message using your private keys along with your password to successfully login.

Obviously, Escrow Service is available as well which makes sure all trades go through the marketplace and no party is scammed by the other. Dispute resolution on the marketplace is pretty commendable which is a rarity when compared to most other marketplaces which generally are biased towards the vendors.

It supports MultiSig payments as well which makes exit-scams harder, Multi-sig translates into Multi-signature meaning the authorization of atleast 2 parties out of 3 (the vendor, the buyer, and the marketplace) is required in order to move the Bitcoins from one place to another.

Also, its vendor-system is pretty transparent and the account itself is based on the vendor’s previous actions forcing vendors to be honest and responsible.

Vending on WallStreet Market

WallStreet Market currently has 3373 vendors to be exact and the number is increasing by the hour, literally!  In order to become a vendor on the marketplace, you need to first set up your PGP key on the marketplace.

It has a formula which determines what vendor level a vendor gets for his account, it basically depends on successful orders, positive feedback, lost disputes, and negative feedbacks. A better idea can be obtained from the following screenshot:

WallStreet Market

It has three vendor packages – Basic, Pro and Trusted all determined on the vendor’s activities and reputation not only on WallSt. marketplace, but also on other established darknet markets.

How Can you Pay on WallStreet Market?

One of the final sections of this Wallstreet market review deals with the payment options the marketplace offers.

Most marketplaces limit themselves to Bitcoin pertaining to its anonymity and security, but when it comes to options Wallstreet does provide more than most and supports Monero (XMR) as well in addition to Bitcoin.

For users who need to pay faster and with lower transaction fee that does pose for a viable option.

Final Words

That’s all I had to pour in on this Wallstreet Market review folks. I’ve brought forward some of the most important features of the marketplace including products, security, vendor-system and everything else and I hope that covers it all.

If you’re looking for a marketplace you can trust, after Dream Market WallStreet Market is, without doubt, the market to go with, despite its somewhat lesser number of products I’m positive most of your needs would be catered to.

Do let me know what you think of Wallstreet Market, as well as this Wallstreet Market review, it matters.