Valhalla Market Review 2018

Valhalla Marketplace is a platform in the same league as Dream Market or any other marketplace that hails from half a decade back. This Valhalla Market review aims at bringing all the features, products and quality of services that the marketplace offers to the forefront.

Being one of the oldest marketplaces by default establishes a trust and reputation for marketplaces in the industry and the same holds true for Valhalla as well. Hence we wouldn’t waste time proving it’s trustworthy rather let’s just get down to what matters.

Eagle’s-eye View

The marketplace was established in 2013, Initially, it was a Finnish Darknet Market known as “Silkitie”; open only for Finnish citizens, although they went global shortly after in 2015.

Back then the industry was dominated by giants such as the Silkroad, Alphabay, Hansa etc. and hence Valhalla didn’t gain the kind of traction it deserved.

But now half a decade later, it presents itself as a market leader considering most other marketplaces from back then are either seized, shutdown or has exit-scammed.

Overview Valhalla Marketplace:

  • Primary URL: valhallaxmn3fydu
  • Invite-only Registrations.
  • Age: 5 years (since 2013).
  • Supports Escrow/Forced PGP/Payment Password/2FA/and multisig.
  • 1 BTC Vendor Bond – Refundable.
  • Only Bitcoin accepted.
  • /r/ValhallaDarknetMarket/ – Reddit
  • 31,725 Products available

Very bed users experience, No Reply from Support, Lot’s of Scam. I tried to contact to support and mailed to him more than 10 times, but didn’t get any reply, even one time.

How to Register on Valhalla Marketplace?

The first step you’d need to get done in order to place an order on most darknet markets is “Register”. Well, registration is free on Valhalla market, but isn’t free for all and rather needs an invite-code; only users having the invite-code are allowed on the marketplace.

Fortunately, we have the invite code, and you only need to copy-paste the following link on Tor to register on the marketplace with ease – http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion/register/

Valhalla Market Review

As far as anonymity goes, the marketplace doesn’t ask for any kind of real data such as name, address etc to be associated with your username or any other market details, neither does it ask for any kind of Identity proof, ever.

Note that registration isn’t required in order to browse the site, it only is when you finally place an order.

How easy or Hard is it to use Valhalla Marketplace

Darknet markets as shown in movies don’t actually require coding-skills or PhDs. as most of you probably know by now.

In fact, The interface at Valhalla hasn’t seen a lot of changes in the past years, and that’s the reason it’s still as simplistic as it was in its early days. There are products categories listed on the left-sidebar, and individual products shown on the rest of the screen.

Valhalla Market Review

The top-bar has all the important navigational buttons such as “My Purchases”, “Messages”, Bitcoin wallet etc. which most people can understand as early as on their first-day on the marketplace.

In other words, it’s pretty much self-explanatory and as easy as using a social networking site. If compared to other Darknet markets out there, yes it’s not the most modern or good-looking layout available, but it gets the job done.

What Products are Available on Valhalla Market?

A major section of any Darknet Market review I do includes the products available on the marketplace, the same holds true for this Valhalla Market review as well, after all a market is what its products are, isn’t that right?

Here’s a fact, I did a Valhalla Market review back in August 2017 which is 10 months from today; back then they had 15,776 products listed, today that number has gone up by 100% and the number of products right now is 31,725

That speaks volumes not just for its growing trust and reputation, but also for the fact that 31,725 is a pretty good number which in most cases is enough to get you the products you’re searching for.

Although the marketplace primarily stocks “drugs” of one kind or another with as many as 16,000+ individual drug listings, the only other category with dominant significant numbers of individual listings is Digital Goods with 13460 listings.

The Drugs are sub-divided into Cannabis, Stimulants, Empathogens, Psychedelics, Pharmacy, Depressants which further are sub-sub classified into Weed, Hash, Edibles, Nicotine, LSDs, Heroine etc.

Valhalla Market Review

Digital Goods too has its own sub-types such as Guides and Tutorials, E-books, Credit Card data, Identity Data, Erotica etc.

Although other products such as self-defence and services too can be availed from the marketplace.

In a nutshell, it’s one of the best destinations for users in need of Drugs or Digital items, while you may not be as satisfied on the marketplace when searching for other products such as Jewelleries, Porn etc.

How Secure is Valhalla Market?

Considering how you’re solely responsible for your account’s as well as personal security on the Dark web, it’s important for a darknet market to offer adequate security measures, isn’t it?

For starters, it does offer PGP encryption and even forces it making sure even the less security-conscious folks don’t fall prey to hacking attempts.

PGP can  be used to encrypt your confidential communications between you and the other party such as addresses or any other potentially compromising data.

Secondly, PGP can also be used to enable 2-factor authentication on your account, which would provide you a second layer of protection against hackers and other third—parties who may try to access your account.

With the 2-factor authentication enabled, you’ll need to decrypt a message using your PGP key in order to successfully login to the marketplace along with your password, so basically even though your password may be compromised, your account won’t be.

It supports MultiSig payments as well which makes exit-scams harder, as Multi-sig translates into Multi-signature meaning the authorization of at least 2 parties out of 3 (the vendor, the buyer, and the marketplace) is required in order to move the Bitcoins from one place to another.

And finally, there’s Escrow available hence both the parties have the marketplace acting as a middle-man making sure both of them fulfill their ends of the bargain and no party scams the other.

Vending on Valhalla Marketplace

If you’re a vendor, this may just as well be the most expensive platform to vend on in the industry considering it has a 1 BTC vendor bond!

Although that’s what has kept the marketplace in good shape so far, most scammers don’t risk losing 1 BTC and hence stay at an arm’s length from the marketplace.

The 1 BTC vendor bond is refundable once you prove your creditability on the marketplace over time, or in other cases if you can prove you’re a trusted seller on other marketplaces then too the bond can be waived by the team.

Note that as a Vendor, your activities and previous sale-records are public and are transparently shown to potential customers; making sure vendors work hard on maintaining a positive conduct.

Valhalla Market Review

It also helps the users judge better, land deals with trusted, reputed and “not scammer” vendors.

Finalize-early is another feature which can be added to this Valhalla Market Review, although sellers are allowed to use it only after they’ve been vetted by the marketplace team and have been given the permission to use the feature. This makes sure vendors would keep maintaining a positive-record in order to achieve the allowed status.

While for buyers, it helps them fast-track their process and release payments to the vendor even before a product is received. Also not every seller is allowed to ask for FE payments hence the ones allowed can generally be trusted.

How can you pay on Valhalla Market Review?

This is one of the last sections of this Valhalla Market review so bear with me; even though newer markets have adopted a number of different currencies, Valhalla seems to be a strict follower of tradition.

And hence it accepts only Bitcoin to this date, no other currency or form of payment is accepted, while it may limit the options for users it does provide the best level of anonymity and security that exists when it comes to Cryptocurrencies.

Once you login to the marketplace, a Bitcoin address is shown on the products page automatically, this is the address you send your payments to, once they’re received you can use the funds to order goods from the marketplace.

Valhalla Market Review

How Good is the Search Functionality on Valhalla?

The search functionality is the feature which lets users search for products using their own keywords, the more precise, filter-rich, narrower the search functionality is, the better it’s considered to be.

Well, this is one aspect where Valhalla isn’t as impressive as it is on its other fronts. Its search-bar is as basic as can be. There are absolutely no filters to narrow your search down with.

It simply has a text-box, and the “search” button. That’s about it. You can’t narrow down the origin countries, shipped-to countries, vendor ratings, price-range or anything else!

Final Words on Valhalla Market

Taking your leave from this piece on Valhalla Market, I’d just like to drop my two cents. It’s one of the most trustworthy marketplaces at the moment, also one of the most product-rich ones.

Even though the layout, currency-support and search functionality are ancient, it gets you what you go there for- Dark web goods!

Either way that’s just my personal opinion, do let me know what you feel about this Valhalla Market review and the marketplace in general as well in the comments.