UnderMarket Darkmarket URL and Reviews

Not every Darknet Market that’s founded rises to the same level of popularity, glory and user-base as some of the more established ones, does that mean those marketplaces are a total waste of time? Probably not! That’s what this UnderMarket review aims at clearing up.

UnderMarket is one of those less talked-about marketplaces which isn’t as product-rich as other popular marketplaces such as Dream, Empire or WallStreet Market. Yet when every other platform fails it may still cater to your needs.

Although a lot goes into making a marketplace a success, or a failure, factors including user-interface, availability of products, currencies accepted and ease of transactions, security of the user accounts as well as of the Trades and so on.

Hence throughout this UnderMarket review, I’ll bring forth all those major points to light and then let you decide if you think the Marketplace is worth your time, or maybe not?

UnderMarket Overview

Let’s get this UnderMarket review started with a brief overview of the marketplace so you get an idea of the marketplace without having to go through every line scribbled down there:

  • Primary URL: un62d2ywi33bho53
  • Registrations not required.
  • Supports MultiSig.
  • Vendor Bond: 15% of sales.
  • Currency: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.
  • 483 Products available.

How Easy or Hard is it Using UnderMarket?

UnderMarket differs quite vividly from other established Marketplaces especially when it comes to user interface. Here’s what the user interface looks like when users first land on the marketplace:

As is clearly evident, the top-bar holds navigational links such as Orders, Messages, Chat, How to buy guide, Support and a Login link. Then the secondary top-bar holds the product categories.

The left-sidebar comprises of a full vendor list, this is where all the 63 vendors of the marketplace have been featured and can be reached directly from, while the right-sidebar holds a twitter-feed and recent comments from users on the platform.

Most of the things described above are seldom used by most users, what’s of some importance is the center-screen, this is where some of the featured products are listed.

In a nutshell, the user-experience even though unique isn’t hard to understand or use.

What Products are Available on UnderMarket?

One of the most important aspects for any Darknet Market is the type and number of products it offers. UnderMarket has quite a few categories, including:

  • Drugs
  • Carding
  • Gift Cards
  • Paypal
  • Counterfeit Money
  • Electronics
  • Services
  • Manual
  • And Others.

Unlike other marketplaces, which reveal number and types of products once a category is clicked, UnderMarket shows the different vendors selling the products, each individual vendor may sell a single, or many different type of products.

Hence the exact number of products in each category isn’t clear, as every category consists of many vendors and each vendor of many product. Although the total number of products on the marketplace is 483 and it has a total of 63 vendors registered as of now.

From my research I concluded the marketplace has everything from Meth, Opioids, Cannabis, Hash and everything else in the Drugs category, it also is the most vendor-rich category on the marketplace.

The Electronics section has just 3 vendors, who primarily sell iPhones although with an average of 15,000-20,000 sales which speaks for their legitimacy.

As for the services, it has vendors selling documents and Ids such as Driving licenses, passports etc. although carders for hire, hackers and cashout experts are also available.

Obviously, the other products such as Counterfeit money, Gift Cards and Manuals too have quite a few vendors even though these products aren’t as popular as Drugs.

How to Order at UnderMarket?

The ordering process at Undermarket differs from other marketplaces as well, considering how they’ve gone the extra mile and made a “no registration, or deposit required” payment procedure.

Users start off by choosing a product-category from the top-bar, this brings up all the vendors who sell products in that specific category. UnderMarket offers extensive and transparent vendor details which helps users choose the more trusted vendors from the newer/less reputed ones.

Here’s what comes up ones any category is chosen from the top bar:

The details include the vendor’s joining date, his/her total sales, status (online/ offline) as well as total ratings (out of 10) along with colour-coded time-frames for Preparation (red), Delivery (blue), and Inspection (green).

It helps buyers get an idea of how long their product would need before reaching them even before an order is placed.

Anyway once users find a vendor they think can be trusted, they simply need to click on the “View Vendor” button.

The vendor page is a static page with details which the vendor has put up, this at times includes special requirements, rules, and/or offers. It does include reviews from other buyers at the very bottom of the page.

Anyway scrolling down brings up the order form where users specify the quantity, choose a payment currency, shipping method, shipping address,  specify a refund wallet-address (used in case an order isn’t fulfilled)  along with an E-mail and a password.

Note this isn’t “registration”, rather the password is simply your “order password” and because there’s no account registration involved, this is what’s used to identify your order at a later time and check the status or other information.

Once the details have been filled up, simply clicking on “Continue to checkout” brings up the order ID, along with order details and the funds deposit address and amount. Users need to deposit the exact amount of funds shown on the screen to the displayed address.

Once the user deposits reach 7 confirmations the Vendor is notified of the order and the product is shipped accordingly.

Well as should be clear by now, the order process is smooth, without any unnecessary hassle such as registration and each order can be placed in less than 5 minutes even by the slowest computer users. I’m rating the order process a 5/5 for this UnderMarket review.

How Secure is UnderMarket?

It’s a user-friendly marketplace, granted. But is it secure enough? Well for starters it doesn’t need any registration, which keeps things pretty anonymous and private.

Then, it offers a stable Escrow for all transactions which makes sure no party can scam the other with wrongful claims or disputes.

Additionally, the transactions are protected using a 2 of 3 multisig which makes sure every transaction needs 2 out of 3 involved parties to sign a transaction for it to go through successfully, making sure no one party (the vendor / the buyer / the marketplace) can move the funds without the approval of atleast one other party.

The marketplace also encrypts all communication and data  from its end using AES 256-bit encryption which is one of the highest available encryption protocols.

So in a nutshell, it’s anonymous as well as secure which are the points why I’d rate its security a 5/5 as well for the purposes of this UnderMarket review.

Which Currencies are Accepted? What Makes UnderMarket Payment Structure Special?

It accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin as well as Ethereum. The availability of the two additional options along with Bitcoin help users switch to those other currencies when they need faster, and cheaper transactions as compared to Bitcoin.

Although Undermarket has a special “no deposits required” system in place, meaning unlike other popular darknet markets it doesn’t ask users to deposit their funds and then purchase products at a later time.

Rather, it only requires the exact order amount at the time of the order sent directly to the Escrow address, which makes sure no extra funds are held on the platform which you may later lose.

How to be a Vendor on UnderMarket?

This UnderMarket review shouldn’t be all about buyers. Well being a Vendor on the marketplace is actually much easier than on most marketplaces.

They’ve got a “Become a Vendor” link at the bottom of the site which can be clicked to join the platform as a vendor.

I said easier than other marketplaces earlier for the fact that it doesn’t have any Vendor bond, hence registration is absolutely free, the only payment vendors make to the platform is 15% of each payout they receive.

My Two Cents on UnderMarket Review

So that’s me dropping my pen on this UnderMarket review folks. Let’s face it, it’s not very product-rich, and has only 63 vendors.

But then again, even 483 products aren’t totally unwanted; additionally its anonymity and security features are pretty satisfactory as well.

So in my personal opinion, even though it may not be the first choice for many, it surely deserves a glance. Do let me know what you think of the Marketplace in general, as well as of this UnderMarket review. Did I do justice to the platform? Drop your comments!