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This Torrez market review has come at the perfect moment, considering how Empire Market just exit-scammed. Darknet strollers like you need a marketplace to fill the void, don’t you?

And, Torrez isn’t exactly a “new” marketplace. It just for some reason hadn’t had the spotlight despite being nearly a year old.

If you’re searching for a new marketplace, Torrez may be worth a peek. I’d just say that it’s probably the most feature-rich marketplace as far as darkweb markets go.

Without beating around the bush, let’s get started?

Torrez Overview

The market shares its stats publicly. As of today, it stands with 20996 registered users (excluding vendor accounts), 382 vendors, 4894 products listed and 220 days on the web.

So, for one, it’s not a marketplace which sprang up yesterday. Rather, it does have quite the history. Now, let’s look at the features?

Alternative Mirrors:

Do go through this Torrez market review then, you’ll get a pretty detailed idea of the marketplace.

How easy or hard is it using Torrez market?

The Torrez market UI (user interface) is both traditional and unique. It’s traditional because of the standard “three-piece” division of its dashboard.

Meaning, the UI is divided into:

  • A top bar (which holds the links such as “My Account”, “Communication centre”, “Support” etc.)
  • A left-sidebar (which offers the product-categories to choose from.)
  • And, the rest of the screen.

What’s unique is that it displays additional product-information when you hover over the thumbnails. Obviously, it’s not “rocket-science”. But, it’s something that not many darknet markets offer.

This matters because then you don’t have to go to each products’ page to check its details.

Just hover over a product and it’ll tell you if the vendor accepts Multisig, the accepted Cryptocurrencies, shipping source and other information.

Also, notice those “expand” buttons on the product-categories? They reveal the product-subcategories for each product category. So yes, using Torrez is extremely easy.

What products does Torrez market sell?

Before the “what”, let me answer the “how many”? Torrez currently has a total listing of 4843 products.

You can find the following products on Torrez:

  • Drugs and Chemicals (2232 products)
  • Tutorials and e-books (787 products)
  • Services (120 products)
  • Carded items (6 products)
  • Fraud (1135 products)
  • Counterfeit items (89 products).

*Note that these products numbers are true for the time of writing this Torrez market review. They’re very likely to change, and probably for an increase by the time you read this.

There’s also a “not allowed” list for products. Despite being a darkweb market, it’s not completely void of morals and ethics. In fact, it has more concern for buyer-safety and anti-scam measures than most other darknet markets.

That I say because it doesn’t even allow selling “transfers” or “prepaid/topup” cards. Additionally, the sale of illegal porn (obviously), weapons, fentanyl, poisons, or organs is prohibited.

How can you pay on Torrez market?

Cryptocurrencies, obviously. But, what’s impressive is that Torrez market accepts as many as 4 Cryptocurrencies for payments.

These are:

  • BTC, LTC, XMR, And ZEC.

Even more impressive than its currency-support is its support for wallet-less payments. So yes, no deposits mandatory. Just pay for each order separately.

Did that disappoint some of you? Maybe you prefer centralized wallet-markets? Well, meet Torrez, world’s first darknet market which allows both the modes. Meaning, you can also deposit funds to the centralized wallet.

What are the Torrez market security features?

Every dark web market’s security can be divided in two sections. The first will cover the “technical” (accounts & funds) security. The second covers the “trades” so that no party scams the other.

Let’s start with the account-security features?

The standard 2-FA via PGP is expected. Once enabled, it’ll require users to decrypt a PGP-encrypted message everytime they login .This makes sure that even when the password is compromised, the account isn’t.

It’s the only dark web market which also allows TOTPs. You can use apps like Google Authenticator, KeePassXC to receive an OTP. It’s basically a more secure form of 2-FA.

During registration, it also lets users set a “Security PIN”. This is used for fund-related activities. In other words, even if you password 2-FA are compromised, your funds (if you’re using centralized wallets) wouldn’t be compromised because they’ll also require the security PIN.

Also, even if a hacker  changes your PIN somehow, withdrawals are still locked for 24 hours. This further makes it hard for unauthorized users to access/steal your funds.

Now for the “trade-security” features. Torrez allows 2of 3 multisig transactions.  These are one of “the” most secure forms of transactions that Cryptocurrencies facilitate.

No one party has 100% control of the funds. The funds can be spent/transferred only after 2 of the 3 parties in a transaction agree to a transfer. The involved parties in a 2 of 3 multisig transaction are Torrez market, the buyer and the vendor.

And then, it’s one of the very few darkweb markets which provides a “letter of guarantee” for its addresses.

This is a PGP-encrypted proof that the generated address for a deposit is indeed owned by Torrez market. The market can’t deny receiving the funds at a later time.

Furthermore, the market doesn’t store order details or account details permanently.

What are the vending requirements on Torrez market?

The vending-requirements on Torrez market are considerably simpler. Anyone can apply to be  a vendor.

They only have to pay a $250.00 fee. Anyone with 200+ successful transactions (on either one, or 3 different darkweb markets combined) can apply for this vending-fee to be waived.

In my personal opinion, it’s counter-productive because a low vendor-fee invites potential scammers.

How good is Torrez market vendor-transparency?

Pretty good. In fact, it may be one of the most detailed in the entire industry. This is what a vendor-profile looks like:

As is evident, it shows the registration date, no. of successful and failed transactions, transaction ratio for successful transactions, F.E status, rank and verification level.

And then it shows the number of positive/negative/and neutral feedback. This provides a pretty neat idea of each vendor’s history, legitimacy and overall trustworthiness.

Does Torrez Market Publish a Warrant Canary?

It actually does. And, that’s rare. That’s why I decided to mention it separately, giving it the respect it deserves.

The admin publishes a bimonthly (twice a month) canary. It contains the date of publication, most recent Bitcoin hash, and the PGP signature of the admin.

In case it’s not updated, or updated with a fake signature, it’ll indicate the marketplace isn’t in the control of the admin anymore (or, he/she has been arrested.)

What Could be Improved on Torrez Market?

Good as it may be, it’s still not perfect (nothing is.) If there’s something I’d like to see improved, it’s the implementation of an anti-phishing code.

Darkweb markets are prone to phishing attacks  and duplicitous URLs. Hence, the anti-phishing code (also called “login phrase) is important primarily for those who’ll use the centralized wallets on Torrez.

Also, another minor issue I noticed was in its UI, on its “deposit” page. When “deposit” is clicked, you’ll have no indication that the click has been registered. The next page is shown after a couple seconds. First-timers are bound to get confused and repeatedly click on the deposit button thinking the click isn’t registered.

Torrez Market Review – final verdict.

So, let’s sum this Torrrez market review up? Is it a legitimate and good marketplace in general?

Legitimate it sure is, as in, it’s not just a webpage setup by some individual owner to scam users of their funds and vendor-fee.

This is established from the marketplace’s 290 days+ existence in the industry (without any negative reviews).

As far as being “good” goes, that depends on your personal definition. Are multisig transactions, 4 Cryptocurrencies, wallet-less modes along with an optional centralized-wallet mode, TOTPs, and cheap vendor bond “good” by your definitions?

The market sure is impressive as far as features are concerned. The payment modes are pretty extensive and offer options for everyone.

So, yes, I do believe Torrez marketplace is legitimate and a good marketplace. But, this Torrez market review has been all my own experience and opinion. You can only form a more credible opinion once you check it out for yourself.