Tockha Darknet Markets Review

Even though there exist hundreds of Darknet Markets, not each one of those rise to the kind of popularity or reputation that they deserve, one such Marketplace is Tochka Marketplace that we’ll talk about today in this Tochka Market review.

Tochka on the forefront differs widely from the other marketplaces in existence today. But like most other marketplaces it too caters to the needs of most Deep web users offering products in various categories which may not be as easily available in your local neighborhood shops.

Before getting into the finer details, here’s an eagle’s-eye view of the marketplace:

Point Market Review

We were just talking of Tochka Marketplace, so is the above heading a typo? Not at all, Tochka Market recently rebranded themselves as Point Market which is their current registered name.

Tochka Market isn’t just a marketplace, and rather markets itself as a “darknet community” which offers many other services apart from just the “marketplace”. But we’d keep ourselves focused on its marketplace and its features considering how this is a Point Market review and not a review of the community as a whole.

It was founded back in 2015, which makes it 3 years old now which does add to its trust and reputation so far, here’s the overview of the marketplace as it stands today:

  • Primary URL: pointgg344ghbo2s
  • Open and Free
  • Age: 3 years
  • Supports Escrow/Forced PGP/Payment Password/2FA/and multisig
  • Vendor-bond: Free
  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Accepted
  • Forum: pointgg344ghbo2s/board
  • 3621 Products Available.

Tochka Market Registrations

So how do you register on Tochka a.k.a Point Market? Well, it’s pretty simple and considering no personal details are required while Signup it also keeps things pretty private and anonymous.

The Registration link can be found on the homepage and the following screen is what the registration form looks like:

As is obvious it requires minimum details while signing up, and nothing from the details can be linked back to your personal life.  The username and password are the only mandatory fields and they can be anything random.

No E-mail ID, verification, or complicated login phrases required and because not a lot of info is asked for, the Signup process takes no more than a minute, or two at best.

How Hard or Easy is it to use Tochka Market?

This section in all our Darknet market reviews deals with the user interface of a marketplace. What level of knowledge and skills are required to use the marketplace, the navigation on the site, organization and everything else is covered in this section right here.

Well, the user-interface at Point Market is one of the cleanest and simplest I’ve ever seen. It’s primarily divided into a left-sidebar, the center-screen, and the right sidebar.

The left-sidebar holds all the navigational links which take you to different sections of the marketplace, such as Marketplace, Vendors, Board(forum), News etc. Then it has a language selection drop-down menu which offers as many as 8 languages to choose from.

Hence people from all those 8 countries can use and understand the site without a problem and this is what makes it arguably one of the most user-friendly Darknet markets out there, or at least the most “language-friendly” one.

The right-sidebar holds basic filters, such as the ones which let you select the “Delivery type”, and countries,  which are then followed by a products’ category section where you can directly select the type of product you’re searching for.

The products’-category section is sorted quantitatively, making it extremely easy to know which are the most or least heavily listed.

Then there’s the center-screen, dedicated to products from some of the most trusted sellers with the best feedback and reviews which are shown on the homepage for easy access to the users.

In a nutshell, it’s pretty well-organized, easy to understand and can be used by just about anyone.

What Products are Available on Tochka Market?

Tochka Market, A.K.A Point Market like nearly all the other Darknet Markets out there offers products which are either illegal, or hard to come by in the offline, real-world. As of today, it has a total of 3621 products listed on the marketplace.

Like most other Marketplaces, Point Market too is dominated by “drugs”, and nearly 50% of the marketplace’s total goods are in the category, 1579 individual listings to be exact.

The category is sub-divided into Buds, Hash, Oil, Edibles, Chews, E-liquid etc. which hints at the fact that it probably consists of drugs which are either raw or aren’t factory-made.

The second most popular category on the marketplace is that of “Prescriptions”, it differs from the products in the drugs section considering the products in this section are factory-made, and consist of tablets, pills, and injectables.

It too is sub-divided into Viagra, Fentanyl, Valium, Levitra, Sedatives etc. This category has an individual listing count of 810, followed by “Banking” which has as many as 558 products, it’s basically like the “financial” section offering Western Union cashouts, digital cashouts, carding ware, credit cards etc.

The Documents’ section too is pretty well-stocked with as many as 174 products and offers forged and fake documents which include passports, visas, certificates, drivers’ licenses etc.

Then there’s the Digital Goods section with as many as 119 products, although it has lesser sub-types and offers accounts to porn sites and banks, database dumps, and documents.

It even has 109 individual products listed in its “services” section which offers hacking, cashout and other such services offered by individuals. The “guides and tutorials” section too has 71 individual products which share cooking meth, farming drugs, hacking, and other such restricted knowledge.

The marketplace also includes many other product-types such as Software, luxury, Hardware, Fashion etc. with lesser individual listings but I’m sure you’ve already got the idea of what’s available on the marketplace and I do not need to bore you to death by explaining the other categories in detail too in this Tochka Market review.

How Secure is Tochka Market?

One of the most important aspects of any Darknet Market review I pen down is- Security, the same holds true for this Tochka Market review as well.

Tochka Market offers every security feature that the other more-established marketplaces out there offer.  Which includes 2-FA, Multi-sig as well as PGP encryption!

PGP encryption is the strongest yet easiest to use encryption protocol that you can use, it’s what used to enable the 2-factor authentication for accounts which makes users decrypt a random string using their PGP key everytime they login which acts as an additional firewall along with the password.

MultiSig is another one of the security features which makes sure every multisig transaction would require at least 2 out of 3 signatures to be approved, hence no payments are ever approved by any individual party without the consent of at least one other involved party.

It also offers Escrow which makes sure no party scams the other, you send your funds to the Escrow and only after successful delivery of the product are the funds released to the vendor. The vendor too can file a dispute if buyers do not release the funds and after providing adequate proof the funds are released to the rightful party.

It also offers Vendor-transparency, and shows details about the vendor such as total sales, level, date of registration, warnings etc. before someone actually orders a product which helps buyers land with trusted and reputed buyers minimizing scam-risks.

Which Currencies are Accepted?

Because it’s a full-fledged marketplace, the currencies depend on the platform and vendors can’t accept currencies not accepted by the platform.

Currently, it lets users trade using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash as well as Ethereum. Depositing funds is simple, simply clicking on the currency you’re trying to deposit brings up the deposit screen with a one-time address you can use to make the deposit.

Tochka Market Search Functionality

Nearly everything mentioned in this Tochka Market review is perfect and satisfactory, except the search functionality.

It simply has a search box on the right-sidebar where users key-in their keywords, no filters are available which make the search feature basically a “keyword search” and nothing else. Hence it’s not exactly as useful as the search functionality on some other marketplaces is.

Final Words

So that’s me taking your leave for now as far as this Tochka Market review A.K.A Point market review goes. I believe I’ve made this review as detailed and transparent as I could.

We’ve talked about nearly everything that the marketplace comprises of, the products, the currencies, the security features, the user interface, and even the search functionality.

So my final take on the marketplace is, even though it doesn’t have millions of products, it still is pretty product-rich and in most cases would get you what you’re searching for.

Although that’s just my personal opinion, I’d urge you to go through the marketplace and pen down your opinion on the marketplace as well as on this Tochka Market review in the comments section down there.