Samsara Marketplace Review – Alternative of Dream Market

There aren’t many product-rich marketplaces left in the industry, the ones which come up fresh either don’t last long, or exit-scam. Fortunately, Samsara Market is a marketplace which is both a new marketplace, as well as product-rich. The marketplace is what we will dissect in this Samsara Market review today.

The platform posted an article titled “The Dream Continues” which tells us it wishes to follow on the footsteps of the now-offline Dream Market. This wish is evident in more than just the article, as in the User-Interface, product-listings and everything else has just been cloned off Dream Market.

But how the Marketplace looks makes little impact as compared to the features it brings with itself. We will go through all the important features of the marketplace by asking all the right questions in this Samsara Market review.

Do not trade (buy/sell) or get involved in any other activity on the Darkweb / Darknet Markets. It may be illegal. This review is solely for educational and research purposes. Any activity on your part is completely your own responsibility.

Samsara Market at a Glance

The marketplace launched around June of 2019, that’s just 4 months from today. In its short existence-period, the marketplace has managed to garner up some really impressive numbers:

  • Onion: gg6yub3fxmy3k5oj
  • Number of Products: 33359.
  • Vendor Bond: 0.1 BTC (Refundable).
  • Account Creation: Mandatory.
  • Wallet-less: No.
  • Payment Modes: BTC
  • 2-FA/PGP: Yes.

The features and numbers above seem impressive, let’s dive deeper and get a closer look?

Which Products does Samsara Market Sell?

What does any Market (both online and offline) comprise of, primarily? Its Products, obviously. No one goes into a Mart for the A.C or the music, those add-ons are cool but its the “products” we go in for.

Samsara Market sells quite a few products, but what interested me was its liberal-product policy. It’s rare even for Darknet Markets to allow the sale of:

  • Weapons
  • Fentanyl

In a bold statements on its “Help” page, Samsara Market makes it clear that sale of Fentanyl is allowed. It even calls the banning of Fentanyl by other DNMs an “amusing charade”.

As far as weapons go, while there’s no pre-specified category for the same, we did locate a number of weapon-listings in its “Other> Defence” category.

This establishes the fact that basic self-defence weapons are allowed. Apart from this, the usual Darknet Market products such as:

  • Drugs
    • RCs
    • Opioids
    • Stimulants
    • Weight Loss
    • Cannabis
    • Benzos
    • Prescription etc. are available.
  • Digital Goods
    • Data
    • E-Books
    • Hacking
    • Information
    • Security
    • Software
    • Fraud
    • Erotica etc.
  • Services
    • Fake documents
    • Money-related.
    • Hacking services etc.
  • Paraphernalia etc. are available.

This list isn’t an all-inclusive list, but I’m sure you get the idea of what’s available on the platform. The current product stock of 33359 items is growing by 4-figures every single day!

Quantitatively, Drugs is the most well-stocked category, followed by Digital Goods, and then there are “Services” and the “Others” category.

What Isn’t Allowed

We did mention Samsara Market being more liberal than most when it comes to products. But then again it’s not totally deprived of a moral compass either.

Even though the sale of weapons for Self-defence is allowed, no weapons of biological nature or mass-destruction are allowed. Murder services aren’t allowed either.

Nothing which in anyway is related to torturing/harming other people and/or animals is allowed either. Anything directed towards , and/or involving children (such as Child Porn) is off-limits as well. Additionally, Poison too isn’t allowed  ( as it falls under “fatally-harmful” products).

In a nutshell, the marketplace seems to be a good sales-platform for vendors unless they’re psychopaths and wish to kill others.

How is the Samsara Market Search-Functionality?

We  decided to talk of the search functionality in this Samsara Market review because it reflects the market’s professionalism and ease of use. The search-functionality is what makes it possible for users to find the products they’re looking for.

The more filters a marketplace will have, the more precise and accurate the search-results would be. This saves time and helps users land on the correct product.

Samsara Market’s search-panel can be seen on any product page and here’s what it looks like:

As mentioned earlier in this Samsara Market review, the marketplace is largely inspired from Dream Market and the same holds true for its Search-functionality as well.

The filters it offers for now are:

  • Shipping Source-Destination
  • Escrow/Non-Escrow products
  • Preferred Cryptocurrency
  • Price Range
  • Favourite/Random vendors

The one filter which makes this panel stand out from almost all other marketplace search-panels is its “price-range” filter. For some reason most other Darknet Markets are void of this feature.

But on Samsara, a user can specify his minimum and maximum budget before searching for a product. This makes sure that when they do find something for their keyword, it’s not out of their budget and doesn’t lead to disappointment, wasted time and having to re-run a new search.

How to Make Payments on Samsara Market?

Samsara Market alike all other Darknet Markets accepts Cryptocurrencies for payments. Bitcoin is the more specific answer. The marketplace only accepts payments via one Cryptocurrency for now.

In order to make a payment, a user must deposit the BTC in a wallet on the marketplace.

How Much Fee does Samsara Market Charge for Withdrawals?

The leftover funds on the marketplace can be withdrawn. Withdrawal is charged at a price of 0.5% /transaction.

Additionally, there’s the network fee which must be paid  on all withdrawals. The users can choose the amount of fee to pay for each withdrawal. The amount of this fee impacts the speed of the transaction.

The fastest transaction costs 0.001 BTC. Normal transactions cost 0.0006 BTC and if you’re okay with the transaction being extremely slow, it’ll cost you 0.00033 BTC/withdrawal.

But that’s not all. The marketplace is amongst those rare breed of markets which have their own in-built mixer for withdrawals! So whatever funds you withdraw from the marketplace, can be run through a cryptocurrency mixer to add a lot more anonymity to the transaction.

This makes it nearly impossible to link the withdrawal to the marketplace transaction. Although it costs an additional 2.5% on top of a 0.001 BTC fee.

What are the Security Features on Samsara Market?

The market has implemented serious Anti-DDoS protection after being a victim of the same recently.

Also there’s 2-Factor authentication available via PGP, which is optional. PGP also can be used to auto-encrypt a user’s inbox which is an additional layer of security. A Withdrawal PIN protects the user’s funds further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Samsara Market and their answers:

Q. Does Samsara Market Need Registrations?

Yes, Samsara Market can only be accessed by Registered users.

Q. Does Samsara Market Need Invites for Registrations?

No, Samsara Market doesn’t  need any invites. The registration can be done by anyone, and is completely free.

Q. What is the Minimum Withdrawal Possible from Samsara Market?

The lowest amount of funds which can be withdrawn from the marketplace is 0.002 BTC.

Q. Which Address-Types can I Withdraw funds to?

Samsara Market allows and accepts withdrawals to Legacy Addresses, P2SH and Segwit addresses.

Q. Does Samsara Market Accept Vendors?

Yes, users with the right products can sell on Samsara Market. There’s a vendor-bond which is priced at 0.1 BTC currently and is refundable after the vendor account is closed.

Q. What are Samsara Market Working Mirrors?

Here are the currently active and working mirrors for Samsara Market:

In Conclusion,

In conclusion to this Samsara Market review, I’d say everything seems pretty impressive for now. There has been speculation that this is a marketplace by the same team as Dream, but my personal opinion goes against it.

Even the product-policies differ to further support my thoughts. The market is a lot more liberal and hence more appealing to a wider bracket of buyers. The vendor bond is cheap. The security features acceptable.

Inclusion of the withdrawal-mixer adds anonymity and one more point for cautious users to choose Samsara over other markets. But it’s still early-days for the marketplace and the future holds endless possibilities.

So let’s just say the marketplace serves up good competition to its rivals for now. Are you on the same page as us on this Samsara Market review, or there’s a difference of opinion? Do voice it in the comments below.