Pax Romana Review

If you’re on this Pax Romana review, in the next couple minutes you’ll hold a PhD on Pax Romana that’s without doubt.

Note that we in no way are promoting Pax Romana- the Darknet Market. All we’re doing is reviewing its features, security, products and everything else. Feel free to read it, compare it to the other Darknet Markets, maybe predict its future?

However, you at no time should attempt to buy/sell any illegal good/service on ay Darknet Market, including Pax Romana. That’s illegal, and we can’t be held responsible for your actions.

Let’s get started then?

Pax Romana Overview

If we had to explain Pax Romana to someone in seconds, this is how we’d do it:

  • URL: paxromanarx4qxjb
  • Current listings: 2389+
  • Restricted products: Illegal Porn + Human trafficking.
  • Payment: Bitcoin/ Litecoin/ Monero.
  • Vendor-bond: $150.00.
  • Dread forum: http://dreadditevelidot.onion/d/PaxRomana
  • 2 of 3 multisig: Yes.
  • Escrow: Yes.
  • PGP/2-FA: Yes.
  • Wallet-less deposits: No.
  • Support: Yes, via tickets.

I’m sure you’ve got an outline of what it offers? Dive right in for a deeper insight.

What does Pax Romana sell?

Anything and everything, which any other Darknet Market aiming for the top would. In other words, we went in and found exactly 2389 products listed for sale.

The number of products surprises us everytime we log in to the marketplace. Simply because it grows not by tens but hundreds in a matter of hours and days.

Well, we also are fully aware of “fake-listings” or numbers that some marketplaces use to attract customers. But that’s not the case with Pax Romana.

We’ve manually verified the top 3 categories, and they truly do house exactly as many products as is indicated. No duplicate or unavailable products were found.

Ah talking of categories, have a glance at everything that’s offered:

While there’s no indication of it (the UI needs an upgrade), these categories can be “expanded” to reveal the sub-categories.

E.g. We expanded the “Drugs” category, simply because it seems to be the most product-rich in terms of numbers, and here’s what it got us:

So while originally only 11 categories seem to exist, expanding them reveals how the actual number for the “types” of products may be in the hundreds.

As for the actual products themselves, you can see Drugs, Digital Goods, Books etc. We also looked at the available “Services” category, and it seems to offer:

  • Hacking
  • Carding
  • Creating fake documents (both Digital and Physical)

Fortunately,  no “Human trafficking” items/services seem to be available. Similarly, while “Erotica” is an available category with nearly 200 products now, Pax Romana doesn’t allow illegal porn.

Can I sell on Pax Romana?

“Can”? Absolutely. Pax Romana accepts any individual/group who can afford their $150.00 vendor-bond.

“Should” you sell on Pax Romana? Never. That’s extremely illegal.

The vendor-bond we just mentioned is more like a security-deposit. It’s returned/refunded after 3 months. Considering no terms have been violated in the time period that is and you willingly terminate your vendor accounts.

Again, you’re free to sell anything and everything,  with the two exceptions mentioned in the earlier section on this Pax Romana review.

How do buyers pay, and which currency is used for displaying product prices?

Buyers have been using Cryptocurrencies to pay on Darknet Markets since the first Silk Road. The same holds true for Pax Romana as well.

Although, while most Darknet Markets only accept Bitcoin, Pax Romana also accepts Litecoin and Monero along with Bitcoin.

While Bitcoin is considered to be the most anonymous Cryptocurrency, LTC or XMR are no less anonymous. Moreover, they provide cheaper and faster transactions than BTC.

Also, this eliminates the need to convert your coins into Bitcoin if you don’t already own BTC, as you can pay just as easily with the two other accepted Cryptocurrencies.

This is just one of the factors which grants Pax Romana that edge over its competitors.

As for the “Display currency”, this is the currency which is used to display the price of an item/service. On Pax Romana, users can manually choose the currency they’re the most comfortable with.

Here’s a list of all the available options:

Once done, all the products will have their prices displayed in the chosen currency. Note that you can still pay only using the 3 accepted Cryptocurrencies. This feature is only for simpler understanding of the prices.

Is Pax Romana Wallet-Less?

While we’d very much appreciate that, unfortunately Pax Romana isn’t a wallet-less marketplace.

If you’re new to the phrase, wallet-less marketplaces are those which do not require any “deposit” for purchases.

Rather, users choose a product > make a single payment on the checkout page in real time only  for the product > done.

However on Pax Romana, users first need to deposit funds in one of their wallets (BTC/LTC/XMR). And then this can be used to purchase products.

Whatever’s left can also be withdrawn after the purchase has been made. However, non wallet-less marketplaces are considered higher-risk marketplaces as they always have the opportunity for an exit-scam.

On wallet-less marketplaces, because no deposits are involved the marketplace never has any extra funds to run away with.

But we believe Pax Romana being a new marketplace wouldn’t risk a thing as such at least for now.

Does Pax Romana offer Escrow and/or 2 of 3 multisig transactions?

This probably is what will impress you the most on this Pax Romana review . Pax Romana not only offers Escrow, but also 2 of 3 multisig transactions.

We’re pretty sure you’re aware of what Escrow is. 2/3 multisig transactions may be an unfamiliar term to some.

Well it’s when a transaction is signed by 3 parties, and releasing the funds requires the approval of atleast 2 of those 3 parties. The three parties in this case are the marketplace, the vendor and the buyer.

While Escrow is simpler and easier, 2 of 3 multisig transactions are slightly harder to set up but with added security.

And it’s worth mentioning that a very few of the established Darknet markets out there actually offer 2/3 multisig transactions.

Does Pax Romana offer and allow PGP?

Which Darknet marketplace doesn’t? Pax Romana too allows and accepts PGP keys. These keys can be used both for:

  • Encrypting communications.
  • Securing accounts using 2-FA.

Pax Romana does feature an in-built “Encrypt communications” feature. A single-click encrypts your messages using the other parties’ PGP-keys. However, it’s best to first encrypt the messages manually, the automated encryptions aren’t the most secure.

Can I recover lost accounts on Pax Romana?

A major problems with Darknet markets is that once accounts are lost, it’s near-impossible recovering them.

However, fortunately, Pax Romana offers a Mnemonic code just after user-registration.

This is a secret phrase, which can be used not just to recover accounts, but also to change passwords.

Can I use Pax Romana without registrations?

No, you can’t. Sure a number of “no registration-required” marketplaces do exist out there, but Pax Romana isn’t one of those.

In order to use Pax Romana, you must be a registered user. Registration can be completed by simply choosing a username, a password and a withdrawal PIN.

It’s anonymous, fast and free.

Does Pax Romana allow Finalize-Early?

Yes, it does.

Finalize-Early (F.E) is only available for reputed vendors. The marketplace also very recently added a new feature called “Auto-withdrawal”. What this basically means is, for the F.E orders vendors get their funds instantly as soon as an order is shipped.

This reduces the risk of the vendor losing his/her money, or the marketplace running away with it.

However do not that it’s not available for non-F.E orders.

How to contact Pax Romana support?

Lastly on this Pax Romana review, let’s talk of their support? Users can see a “create ticket” button at the footer of the site, or from their account-sections.

This is the easiest, simplest and most straight-forward method to contact Pax Romana support.

Note that this isn’t used for Disputes. For those, there’s an additional option called “My Disputes” which can be found in the users’ account-settings.

There also is a “Dread forum” and a article-rich knowledge base which can be used to find answers to problems.

Final Verdict – Pax Romana Review

So is Pax Romana a reliable, trustworthy, feature-rich marketplace? We’d say yes, it appears to be.

The “increase” in the product-numbers is commendable. The security features are impressive. And the option to pay with 3 different Cryptocurrencies is just the cherry on top.

If they maybe get themselves a wallet-less payment structure, we can see them shooting for the top in short span of time.

Do you, or don’t you agree with this Pax Romana review? Let us know in the comments.