Midland City Market Review

I’ve been a Deep web Enthusiast for a long time now and hence penned down quite a few Darknet market reviews, although this Midland city market review will be quite different from most other market reviews we’ve done so far.

That’s so because there are two types of Darknet markets, the more popular ones include sites such as Dream Market, Wallstreet Market, Empire Market etc. which don’t sell things from their end (in most cases) and rather let third-party vendors register and sell products on the platform, basically like the Darknet E-bay.

While the other kind is DarknetMarkets such as Midland City, these markets do not act as mediators between vendors and buyers, and rather act as vendors themselves. Meaning these sites are mostly run by either an individual or a group of individuals.

These individuals have a product to sell, and hence they create these websites on the Onion network and sell their products, so these are more like personal pages from individuals who sell products rather than full-fledged Darknet Markets.

Can You Trust these Individually owned Darknet Markets?

Some individually owned Darknet Markets do provide their PGP keys which can be used to verify the owners’ reputation and reviews on other established marketplaces such as Empire, Dream or WallStreet.

Although I couldn’t find any PGP key in the case of Midland city, while that doesn’t immediately make it a darknet market unworthy of your trust, I’d still first order small amounts of products from them to establish the trust and legitimacy before going with bulk orders.

Also on the forefront Midland City is at least a 2year old Darknet Market which does pour in some amount of trust for the marketplace considering how forums such as BitcoinTalk and Reddit would be flooded with its scam-reviews if it was a scam, and fortunately I couldn’t find anything as such.

So in a nutshell, there aren’t any trust-breaking points for Midland city darknet market and hence I’d say it’s trustworthy for now.

Midland City Market Overview

Before getting into the nitty-gritty details of the marketplace, here’s an eagle’s-eye view of what the market is made of:

  • Primary URL: midcity7ccxtrzhn
  • Registrations: Not Required.
  • Age: 2years (since 2016).
  • PGP, 2-FA, Escrow, Multisig- NOT REQUIRED.
  • Vending not allowed.
  • Only Bitcoin accepted.
  • 15 Products available.

How Hard or Easy is it to use Midland City Darknet Market?

You may or may not have used the traditional Darknet markets before, in either case, how hard or different is it using an Individual Darknet Market like Midland City Market?

The homepage for starters look simpler and plainer as compared to traditional marketplaces, pertaining to the fact that individual marketplaces have lesser products and features.

Anyway, the homepage has a categories section on the left-sidebar, while individual products are displayed all across the rest of the screen, also additional information about each product is displayed simply by hovering over them.

The top-bar has navigational links such “About us” and “Support” which aren’t that frequently used by most users. So there’s nothing a new user won’t understand about the platform, it’s literally as simple as a darknet market can be.

What Products are Available on Midland City Market?

If you’ve been with other established marketplaces before, I’d urge you to take the next section of this Midland City market review with a pinch of salt considering how this is an individually run marketplace and isn’t as product-rich as those other marketplaces.

In fact it has 15 products to be exact in 2 primary categories, they being “Digital Goods” and “Drugs”.

Digital Goods has 4 products individually, it simply has products such as Visa cards, Paypal accounts etc. with some amount of pre-loaded balance. Basically, all the items that the shop sells which can be delivered online without requiring physical shipment are enlisted in this category.

The other category “Drugs” is sub-divided into different types of drugs which include Benzos, Cannabis, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Opioids etc. Each category has couple products individually enlisted which can be ordered.

But that’s about it, there are no jewelleries, weapons, software, or any other services sold on the marketplace.

Also because it’s run individually, it doesn’t have a vending system meaning users aren’t allowed to sell their own products on Midland and rather it’s a buy-only marketplace.

Registration and Security

Registration is neither available, nor required to buy something off the marketplace, because there’s no registration involved it’s pretty anonymous and secure.

As no data is provided there’s absolutely nothing which can be linked back to your personal lives.

The marketplace because doesn’t have an account system in place, also is void of advanced security features such as 2-factor authentication, PGP, or multisig considering how those aren’t required and not applicable in the case of Midland City market anyway.

Also when it comes to vendor authenticity, there are no third-party vendors it’s only the marketplace admin and hence the whole transparency thing too doesn’t seem logical.

How to Purchase something on Midland City?

That’s pretty simple and straight-forward as well. Users simply select a product they wish to purchase and click on the “Add to cart” check-box on the product.

After that, the “Add to cart” button on the top-bar should be clicked in order to reach your cart.

Once users are on the cart, they simply need to provide an E-mail Address and the Bitcoin address from where you’re transferring the funds, It’s required in order to verify the order.

Users are then provided with an Order ID which again is needed for verification, on the same page users are also presented with a Bitcoin deposit address with the amount that needs to be deposited.

Simply make this deposit within 60minutes of getting the order ID to finalize your order.

Which Countries do they Ship to and When?

Worldwide shipping is available with Midland city market which means your items are shipped to you regardless of whichever country you’re in.

Although they ship only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If orders are placed by 8 PM (before shipping days) they’re sent out in the next batch, if not the next shipping day is when they’re shipped.

There are two shipping packages available, the regular shipping costs USD $7, while ExpressPost is comparatively faster and costs an extra USD $27.

Final Words

So that’s all I had to pour out for this Midland City Market review folks, this review covered everything that the marketplace consists of along with some of my own experiences and feedback.

In my opinion, the marketplace seems decent with good prices, good products, and satisfactory shipping options, even though it lacks a lot of trusts or security features.

Although that’s my personal opinion, hence I’d urge you to try the marketplace out next time you need something, and then drop your experience and feedback about the marketplace as well as this Midland City Market review in the comments section!