Luna Market Overview

After a number of prominent Darknet markets such as Hansa, Alphabay, Trade Route etc. either exit-scammed or got seized a new Marketplace which had learnt a lot from these markets came up; that’s what this Luna Market review is about.

Like most of our other Darknet Market reviews; in this Luna Market review too we wouldn’t be the judges of the market’s ability or features rather we’d simply be the narrators bringing out its features to light and let the judging be left to you educated folks.

Luna Market Overview

Take this to be the summary of what the marketplace comprises of, this section would get you an eagle’s-eye view of the market’s capabilities before you embark further on the journey of this Luna Market review.

  • Primary URL: lunamarmge6dadag
  • Registration: Mandatory.
  • Security: MultiSig, 2FA, “No deposits required”
  • Vendor Bond: Not Specified, but required.
  • Currency: Bitcoin.
  • Total 1112 Products, still growing day to day.

Alternative Mirrors:

  • lunamarmge6dadag
  • cbx3tb32p5w6wlyj
  • 4rkg4nekiwfuukbf
  • xicmpp6adwg3uftf
  • d5ufjttkclhvtdvx

Luna Market User Interface

UI is the underdog in most reviews on the web; even the most feature-rich marketplaces are worthless if they lack an easy UI considering how users won’t ever be able to use those features anyway, so UI? Yes, it’s important.

Luna Market has a pretty easy to understand and clean UI. The homepage is divided in three primary parts; a top-bar, a left-sidebar, and the centre-screen.

The Top-bar is the navigational bar which houses some of the most important links of the site such as Home, Account, Support, etc.

The left-sidebar as is the tradition with most Darknet markets houses the product-categories so users don’t have to get lost in the ocean of individual listings and can find the products they’re searching for faster and more easily.

The centre-screen has a little section which holds news and announcements from the team however the dominant part of the rest of the screen is where products are displayed.

So in my personal opinion, anyone who has ever used Amazon, E-bay, Flipkart or any other mainstream E-com site won’t find using Luna Market any harder.


Luna Market is a registration-only Marketplace, meaning access to any part of the marketplace is granted to users only after they’ve successfully registered on the marketplace.

The registration however doesn’t intrude on user-privacy and is pretty anonymous as well as instant. The only details required are a username, a password and a security pin.

None of which have to be linked in anyway to your real life identity. No verification of any sort is required either.

Products Available

Luna Market despite not being an ancient marketplace has managed to hoard up quite a number of products, 1112 to be exact (as on 01.12.2018).

As is the unwritten tradition with Darknet Markets, the most heavily stocked category is, well you guessed it right- Drugs! It has 584 individual listing to be exact. The subcategory is sub-divided into a number of other categories which include:

  • Edibles
  • Cannabis
  • Hash
  • Weed
  • MDMA
  • Stimulants
  • Meth
  • Benzos
  • Opioids
  • Paraphernalia to name just a few.

After Drugs, the second most well-stocked category on the marketplace is “Digital Goods”, it houses products which do not require physical shipment and rather can be dispatched digitally.

It too is divided into smaller categories which include Software, Games, E-books etc.

And the third category with the most number of products is “Miscellaneous” with 114 listings, it basically consist of products which do not fit in any other major category. Products in the category include  Scales, Calculators, and other such stuff.

Erotica is another one of its most visited product-categories and comprises of 14 products and they primarily sell porn accounts to popular porn sites such as Brazzers, PornHub etc.

Counterfeits as a category have 30 products in the category and obviously has counterfeit products and despite having sub-categories such as Jewellery, Ids, Clothing etc. the only sub-categories which actually house products in the category are Electronics and cash!

Its “Hosting” category is where you can buy servers at a much cheaper rate than their actual worth which includes Dedicated servers, Shared servers and even VPS! The category however also has RDPs and VPNs on sell.

So in my personal opinion, the market is not only sufficiently well-stocked but also neatly organized.

Security Features

This is something of utmost importance when it comes to a Darknet market simply because you can’t run off to the cops in case things go awry during a trade or simply on the marketplace (such as exit-scams, funds stolen etc).

Well, Luna Market has paid special attention to user security and has implemented multiple features to minimise such threats to quite an extent.

For starters, it works on a “no deposit required” mechanism, meaning unlike as on other marketplaces where users deposit funds before making a purchase and then some time or days later purchase goods, Luna Market rather asks for deposits only at the exact time of the purchase.

Because the deposit is real-time and goods are purchased as soon as the deposit is made, and because there are no spare or extra funds in the account there’s absolutely no chance of the marketplace exit-scamming with user funds!

Secondly, it has enabled Multisig transactions on the marketplace. It’s basically a security feature where the funds can’t be moved without the approval of atleast 2/3 involved parties.

The involved parties are the user, the marketplace, and the vendor. Hence, without the approval of the buyer+ the marketplace the funds can’t be accessed by the vendor.

Finally, it also has 2-Factor authentication enabled in case users wish to use it. As is probably known to most of you 2-FA on Darknet Markets is enabled using PGP keys, users need to decode a message using their PGP keys in order to login to their accounts in addition to their passwords.

This acts as an additional firewall and makes sure unintended third-parties can’t access user accounts even if the passwords are compromised.

It even has a 6-digit Withdrawal PIN enabled which makes sure even in case your account is compromised funds can’t be withdrawn from your account without this 6-digit key further enforcing security for accounts.

Search Functionality

This is one aspect which may not be of utmost importance yet deserves some attention. The search functionality is how easy, or well-filtered search the marketplace allows the users to ask for.

This eases the product-hunt for buyers and helps them find their products faster. Well, Luna Market has a big-enough search bar on the top-bar for starters, once a keyword is keyed-in, advanced filters can be enabled on the next page.

The filters include shipping country, shipping destination, Minimum and maximum price. To be honest this isn’t the most filter-rich search panel I’ve ever seen and it could be better.

However, it does keep things simple, easy to understand and newbie-friendly so it’s probably acceptable.

Vendor Status and Transparency

The final section of this Luna Market review is about the marketplace vendors. How easy or hard it is being a vendor on the marketplace, and how transparently are the vendor records put forth for the users.

It’s important because if it’s extremely easy being a vendor, or if the marketplace isn’t transparent with the vendor records buyers may fall prey to scammers on the marketplace.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with Luna Market, for starters the marketplace requires “some amount” of BTC deposit, this amount hasn’t been specified on the vendor-application page.

However, it’s been mentioned that it would act as a security deposit and would be fortified in case the vendor scams buyers which does get us some amount of peace for us as buyers.

There however is another option to be a vendor on the marketplace which is by displaying your trust and reputation on other marketplaces by sharing your PGP keys.  If a user has good-enough reputation on other established marketplaces this fee is waived.

As for transparency, details such as total orders finalized, Positive-Negative as well as Neutral reviews, Trusted seal, and the vendors’ reputation and ratings on other established marketplaces (such as dream market, Hansa, WallStreet.) etc too are displayed.

These details help users easily find vendors they can trust and with established track records rather having to fly in blind!

Wrapping Up Luna Market Review

So that’s all from my desk (or laptop) as far as this Luna Market review goes folks. The final question arises, is the marketplace worth it?

Well let’s see, it’s a marketplace which makes sure exit-scams are impossible, funds can’t be stolen, user-accounts remain safe, vendors can’t scam users easily and has an easy user-interface.

As for cons, couldn’t really find any major ones. Could you? If yes, do let us know what they were. If not then I’d stick to my current opinion of the marketplace being worth atleast a try.

Either way, do drop your two cents on the marketplace as well as on this Luna Market review (such as if it was actually helpful, unbiased, transparent and so on) in the comments down there.