ElHerbolario Darknet Markets Review

Quite a few Darknet Market vendors have had enough with the mediator fee, exit-scams and other issues that pop up time and again on those markets and hence have launched their own independent markets, this ElHerbolario review too is about one such market.

I base all our Darknet Market reviews on the features and products offered by the marketplace and reviews about it on other third-party websites and markets.

All of which can be transparently verified by any of you hence establishing the fact that none of these reviews are sponsored, or biased.

Before starting out as I mention in all my Darknet market reviews, ElHerbolario is a single-vendor marketplace, comparing its product-stock or security features with other traditional markets isn’t suggested.

Those other marketplaces have hundreds of vendors and a need for those security features which to quite an extent are eliminated with these independent darknet market (explained later).

ElHerbolario Overview

This overview is like a summary of all the features and major aspects anyone would need to know about the marketplace to get a fair idea about the same, without going through the fine print of this ElHerbolario review.

  • Primary URL: elherbotsiddarol
  • Registration: Mandatory, Free.
  • Security Features: PGP.
  • Vendor Bond: Not Allowed.
  • Currency: Bitcoin.
  • 13 Products.


ElHerbolario User Interface

The marketplace took the “road less travelled by” and didn’t stick to the traditional Darknet Market layout and instead tried something of its own.

The top-most bar of the marketplace has links to the core-features of the marketplace, such as My accounts, Cart, PGP etc.

The secondary top-bar has all the navigational links such as Product categories and links to guides and Tutorials such as How to Buy, F.A.Q etc.

ElHerbolario 1

There’s no clutter anywhere else, the rest of the screen is where the products are displayed. At the very bottom it shows announcements from the admin.

Anyone, who hasn’t ever before been on any Darknet Market too should be able to navigate around the marketplace pretty easily in my personal opinion as far as the UI goes.

Is Registration Required on ElHerbolario?

Yes, it’s a registration-only marketplace, even though users get to access the marketplace without registration and can browse through the products, the actual order can be placed only after successful registrations.

The registration process however is identical to the login process, it doesn’t matter if you’re logging in or registering for the first time it won’t make a difference, the exact same details are required both times.

ElHerbolario 5

As is evident from the above screenshot, users simply need to choose a username and a password and click on Register. That’s all. It obviously is completely anonymous, doesn’t require any verifications and is instant.

What Products are Available on ElHerbolario?

When it comes to Products, ElHerbolario is primarily and exclusively a “Cannabis” marketplace, meaning it sells only Cannabis although different strains of it are available.

Currently, 13 individual listings can be found on the marketplace which increase or decrease slightly with time, based on the admin’s stock.

Current types of products include Indoor strain, Outdoor strains, 100% Bio, and Cannabis Extract.

Indoor strain alone hosts 11 individual listings, the pricing of almost each listing is exactly the same, starting from around EUR 35.00 and going upto EUR 196.00 based on the amount of product.

Outdoor strain has just 1 listing which can be purchased for 25.00EUR cheapest, and may go upto EUR 140.00 (for 1 ounce). The “100% Bio” strain is currently not stocked.

Cannabis Extract too has just 1 listing which is listed at 15.00EUR exactly, it can only be purchased for the pre-specified amount per order, although the quantity of the orders can be increased to receive more of the same product.

Hence being honest it’s not the most product-rich market out there and the options are extremely limited, but then again if these products are what you’re looking for it may pose for a viable option.

How Secure is ElHerbolario?

Note that by security I do not mean the “trust” factor, which I’ve addresses in the last section of this ElHerbolario review. Here security simply denotes the technological aspects of it.

ElHerbolario being a single-vendor marketplace doesn’t have 2-Factor authentication, Multisig, or Escrow.

2-FA isn’t required either simply because the marketplace doesn’t ask for fund “deposits” and rather all purchases are real-time.

Payments are made only while ordering the product hence even if someone does gain access to your account, there won’t be any funds that could be stolen.

Multisig obviously is eliminated because only two parties are involved in the trade, while Multisig needs atleast 3 parties involved, 2 of whose authorizations are required for transactions to go through.

And finally, even though Escrow could and should be made available, Herbolario doesn’t want it. Hence you should be placing orders only if you trust the vendor enough to not run away with your funds.

PGP however is available and it lets users auto-encrypt shipping details while placing orders.

How to Place Orders on ElHerbolario?

Simply select the product from the marketplace and click on the cart button, the next page would let you choose the weight and quantity of the product, simply specify your preferences and click on  Add to Cart.

ElHerbolario dark web markets 6

The next page is pretty simple and straightforward, simply click on “Proceed to Checkout” and then on the next page enter your Shipping information, click on “Encrypt”> Click on “Place order” > Deposit the exact displayed amount, on the provided address.

ElHerbolario onion store 7

Done! Once the payment is received it’ll be processed by the admin on due time.

Payments can only be made in Bitcoin on ElHerbolario and they must be made within 2-hours of generation of the BTC address.

It however does allow using Tumblers, as well as manually sending multiple payments, even from different addresses to reach the total required amount for anonymity.

What are ElHerbolario Shippping and Log Policies?

Log Policies are of utmost importance for any Darknet market review and the same holds true for this ElHerbolario review as well; considering how those logs could be traced back to you if stored, or stored without proper security.

Fortunately, ElHerbolario only stores logs (shipping information) for two weeks, after which the address is permanently deleted from its database.

Also, as for the shipping policies, the marketplace doesn’t ship on Weekends.  However the fastest products are received is 3days for Germany, and the longest average time is 15 days for countries like Poland and Turkey. All other countries receive products within this time-frame.

The products are shipped using Business Envelopes, and the shipping information (name and address) are printed on them. They’re all double vacuum-sealed to prevent smell-detection.  No signatures are required while receiving the products.

There is a shipping charge of around EUR 5.00/order for most countries however it may vary depending on where you’re ordering from.

ElHerbolario- Trust Issues.

Now that we’re done with the formal ElHerbolario review; let’s address one basic question.

Can you trust the marketplace?

Note that there are no supervisors or Escrow unlike as on a third-party marketplace, and the admin of the marketplace himself is the vendor.

Hence there’s no “vendor-bond” that the vendor would lose, or reputation at stake considering he/she can control all the reviews/feedbacks and everything that appears on this independent marketplace.

To address this very problem, I checked reviews and feedbacks about the vendor on other third-party marketplaces and forums/webpages where the vendor doesn’t have any control on what appears on the sites.

And well the reviews were mixed, up until ElHerbolario had 5-star reviews and ratings with nothing but praises, here’s a glimpse:

ElHerbolario marketplace 3

But then since about the last 3 months or so something seems to have gone awry and the reviews seem to be getting worse, reportedly false news about seizures, Postal failures, growers being busted seem to be posted.

ElHerbolario Review 4

Even old and loyal customers seem to be losing trust in the marketplace; so all I can say in my personal opinion for now is order only if you really, blindly trust the vendor, or are willing to risk losing the ordering-amount.

Final Words

So that’s a wrap as far as this ElHerbolario review goes folks. I believe I’ve transparently brought forth the pros, as well as the cons and problems with the marketplace.

In my personal opinion, it’s a marketplace for a very specific type of consumer-base, and most users who used the marketplace are returning customers which proves it’s trustworthy, however due to the issues mentioned above it seems to be losing that trust over time.

Hence, If you need Cannabis, I’d advise first seek alternative solutions, best ones are third-party darknet markets such as Dream Market, Wallstreet marketplace where the vendor is held accountable by the market.

Do let me know what you think of the marketplace, its past reputation in contrast to its present one as well as this ElHerbolario review in the comments down there.