DeepMart Darknet Marketplace Review

Throughout this DeepMart review, we’ll be talking about DeepMart, a Darknet Market which is fairly new yet has managed to garner some interest and reputation among users.

Now there are certain aspects and factors which make or break a Darknet Market, all of which will be addressed in this DeepMart review including:

  • User Anonymity
  • User Interface
  • Products
  • Vending Rules
  • Security
  • Payment Methods.

I do believe the list above comprises of just about everything you’d want to know about a Darknet Market before diving into it, doesn’t it? Let’s get stared with this DeepMart review then.

DeepMart Overview

Talking of diving into the market’s finer details, here’s an overview of it so you get an idea of what you’re getting into before we start with this DeepMart review:

  • Primary URL: http://deepmar57fbonfiw.onion/
  • Registration: Required-Free-Anonymous.
  • Security: Escrow, Buyer Protection.
  • Vending: Allowed, Vendor Bond required.
  • Currency: Bitcoin only.
  • Total products: 225

How Hard or Easy is it Using DeepMart?

DeepMart in my personal opinion has re-defined the definition of “Darknet Market Website Layouts”. If you’ve been on any other Darknet Market before, you’d spot the stark difference between them and that of DeepMart in a fizzy.

The Differences: 

They have a top-bar with all the product-categories, which on most other marketplaces is hosted on the left or right sidebar.

Then, it has a homepage which almost all other DNMs lack, a homepage which showcases its primary features, and most popular vendors.

The vendor profiles are designed with elegance and resemble social media profiles, with important information about the vendors and their reputation right there.

Users can simply choose the category of products they wish to buy, select a vendor who pleases them most and check their products out before finally placing an order.

It also has a top-most bar, above the product-categories which functions as the site’s navigational bar and helps users reach different sections of the platform, such as support, profile, Order Status, Messages, Cart etc.

The interface isn’t exactly any “easier” than what other marketplaces offer, but isn’t any harder either, it just is different, more beautiful & attractive looking and easy to understand even for first-timers.

Do you Need to Register on DeepMart?

Yes, users can only purchase products once they’ve registered on the marketplace. This is what the registration form looks like:

As is evident, the only required fields are an username (which is mostly useless, considering how it can’t be used to login anyway), an E-mail ID and a password.

The E-mail ID doesn’t have to be verified, or even exist although you do need to remember it cause that’s how users log in.

What Products are or aren’t Available?

DeepMart has a total arsenal of 225 products as of today (22nd Feb, 2019), and considering how the platform is still pretty new, the quantity of products I suppose is acceptable.

As for the types of products available, the top-bar enlists everything that’s available which includes Carding, Electronics, Gift Cards, Money Counterfeits, Hacking, Documents and others.

Carding has a total of 7 vendors who sell items in the category pushing up the individual listings in the category to 80. They offer prepaid cards, cloned cards, pre-funded cards and so on.

Electronics on the other hand despite being the second most well-stocked product category on the marketplace has only 2 vendors, both named “Apple Jesus” and “iStore”. As the name hints, they both sell legit Apple goods at a much cheaper price than their original prices.

If you wish to receive (almost) free money, they have Money Transfers as well, currently 5 vendors have enlisted as many  as 45 individual transfer options.

Users can purchase, Paypal transfers, WUnion Transfers, MoneyGram transfers etc. How transfers work is, users send in a much lower sum to the marketplace in return for a much larger transfer back from the vendor.

Money Counterfeits is another category on the marketplace with 3 vendors and 26 products, they sell bills and currencies however note that there are two types of counterfeits available.

The first type is that of fake notes and currencies, created completely from scratch and then made to pass U.V tests, Pen tests and every other test ensuring they can be used in the real world stores and ATMs.

Some other vendors however sell “Real” notes and currencies, notes which were printed by the government and for some reasons are now marked for disposal, these vendors acquire these notes pre-disposal and sell at a lower price then their worth.

They also currently have 1 vendor selling fake Documents, obviously the documents are generally fake passports, licenses, certificates and so on.

They also added another product which isn’t so commonly found on DNMs, Gift Cards. The category has 3 vendors, selling gift cards for Amazon, Visa, E-bay, Steam etc.

And finally, one vendor has put up his Hacking skills for sale as well.

What Isn’t Available?

Just because it’s a Darknet Market doesn’t mean you get to buy anything and everything over there.

They have banned Weapons altogether, followed by Child Porn, Poison, Fentanyl and any product or service which harms others.

Drugs despite arguably being the most popular product on DNMs isn’t yet available on DeepMart, although it’s not “banned” and will probably be available later.

How Secure is Trading on DeepMart?

Trustworthiness of Vendors, or the guarantee of receiving genuine products off the Dark Web has always been one of the biggest question marks in the history of Darkweb purchases.

However, DeepMart addresses this issue by offering its unique concept of “Buyer Protection”.

The Buyer Protection offers full or partial refunds if and when conditions are met, this ensures the buyer always gets what he pays for.

Then, the payments on the marketplace are secured using Multisig Transactions. Multisig stands for Multiple Signatures, and requires the signatures/approvals of more than one parties to transfer/release/move funds, further decreasing chances of being scammed.

To help buyers find and trade with trusted vendors, the marketplace displays a lot of information about the vendor from the very moment buyers land on the site, the information helps buyers establish the vendor’s history and decide accordingly.

The security and anti-inspection measures specially during transit depend on the vendors and individual products, for e.g. some vendors use hacked PayPals for transfers, others create accounts, and their substantial history before using them to make transfers.

For physical goods, anti x-ray packaging, vacuum-seals and other such precautions are taken. (Mostly mentioned with the products on the order page).

Bottomline, the trades and products do seem safe-enough.

However the marketplace doesn’t have much for account security, such as 2-FA, Security PIN or even login phrases are missing, so users have to personally make it harder for hackers to hack into their accounts, or be vigilant enough to verify the links’ legitimacy before logging in.

How can you Pay on DeepMart?

DeepMart for some reasons accepts only Bitcoin and no other cryptocurrency, for one it does make managing funds easier for the marketplace, however it means lesser options for the buyers, and sometimes more transaction fee and transaction time as well.

However the other side of the coin is Bitcoin is arguably the most anonymous Cryptocurrency in the industry, which instils more privacy in the transactions than with other coins.

In my personal opinion, more options would be better (in addition to Bitcoin) however that’s completely a personal choice and probably more options may as well be added later.

How to Order on DeepMart?

This section is being scribbled down in this DeepMart review because the ordering process does differ on DeepMart than on other marketplaces.

On other marketplaces, users select a product-category, or individual product, choose the vendor providing the most suitable, pocket-friendly product, then provide their shipping information and place the orders.

On DeepMart, users first select a Product Category from the top-bar, and then choose the vendor they like the most from the list of vendors in that particular category, and only then they get to browse through the products of the vendor.

The problem with this process is, you may go through the process of choosing vendors only to find out that the vendor may not exactly have the product you’re searching for, hence you’d have to go back and choose a different vendor.

There also is no search-bar which can help you directly find the products you’re searching for.

The plus-side to this is, once you find a trusted vendor profile you don’t generally have to worry about being scammed. Bottomline, it has its pros and cons how you weigh them will be a personal decision.

Who can Sell on DeepMart?

DeepMart let’s anyone and everyone vend on the marketplace, as long as they pay a pre-specified vendor bond.

This bond-amount is revealed once the interested user contacts their support team and expresses his desire to sell on the marketplace.

This bond however is refundable when the vendor chooses to close his vending account on the marketplace.

Wrapping up DeepMart Review

I believe not much has been left-out on this DeepMart review which you’d like to know about the marketplace before purchasing something off of it, isn’t that right?

The marketplace has its own pros and cons, pros include Buyer Protection, Vendor Transparency, Professional design and availability of products, as for cons the lack of some security features and payment options may be added to the list.

However it being a newer marketplace does deserve some leeway (I remember being so liberal with Alphabay when it came out). But hey that’s just what I think.

Do drop your two cents on this DeepMart review as well as the marketplace in general in the comments.