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This Dark0de market review wouldn’t be a waste of your time if you need a darkweb market, a coin mixer, a coin shifter and the most untraditional product-stock!

You don’t even need to visit the marketplace. Everything that the market brings with itself will be discussed in utmost detail  throughout this piece.

Our goal here isn’t to promote dark web activity .It is to review the market as it is and as an e-commerce platform. You may or may not choose to use the market, for legal or illegal purposes, solely and exclusively of your own accord and responsibility.

Go through this Dark0de market review if you wish to gauge the extent of its potential, features and problems.

Dark0de Market Overview

Dark0de market is currently the darknet market with the most “unique” or “new” features in the entire industry. If not exactly features, it has implemented its own set of rules for almost everything which aren’t common for the industry.

However, we’ll sum up the outline of the market for your better understanding right here:

  • Onion URL: darkoddrkj3gqz7ke7nyjfkh7o72hlvr44uz5zl2xrapna4tribuorqd.onion
  • Vendor fee: $200.00
  • Wallet mode: Not wallet-less/Advance-deposits required
  • Escrow & F.E: Yes
  • Multisig transactions: Yes
  • 2-FA & Security PIN: Yes
  • Mnemonic code: No.
  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: BTC + XMR
  • Other features: Coin mixer + Coin shifter+ Planned trading exchange.
  • Total product stock: Nearly 4800+.


Registration is mandatory on Dark0de. You’ll need to enter:

  • An username
  • A password
  • Two usernames (A public, and another private)
  • A security PIN. (It’s mentioned as “Pincode” on the registration page, it’s not your geographical PIN, it’s just a security PIN that you can set for your account.)

No payments or invite-codes required for registration. It’s open for all. These accounts can be used to browse and buy products.


Vendor accounts and privileges are available on Dark0de. These are priced at $200.00 for starters. A total of 3 vendors level are available.

If you’re an established vendor on other darkweb marketplaces, you need not pay the vendor fee. However, this is decided by the marketplace team and isn’t guaranteed.

No mention of a “refund” for this vendor bond is found. Hence, let’s assume that the bond is more like a “one time fee” without any refunds.


The darkweb market has products in many categories, totalling up to over 5,000 individual listings.

Here’s a graph showing the top-most product categories and their stock.

Dark0de features many other products, which aren’t displayed in the above graph due to their low or non-existent stock quantity.

However, if you’re curious, the market has one of the most surprising product-categories ever, here’s a list:

  • Drugs
  • Digital
  • Databases
  • Carding
  • Chem equipment
  • Forgery
  • APT
  • Gold
  • Motor vehicle theft
  • Illegal gambling
  • Money laundering
  • Corruption
  • Digital
  • Offshore services
  • Fuel
  • Transports
  • And many others.

This is one of the most diverse and extensive list of products found on any darkweb markets. These categories have been found for the first time ever in the industry.

Along with these products, the market also has restrictions. It doesn’t allow the sale/trade of:

  • Illegal porn
  • Weapons
  • Terror-related or promoting products
  • And Fentanyl.

Transaction modes (Escrow/FE and Multisig)

The market offers the traditional Escrow for most transactions. This is the simplest and easiest yet secure mode of transaction.

Then, there’s Finalize Early (F.E.). When this mode is used, funds aren’t sent to market escrow. Rather, they’re sent directly to the vendor, even before a buyer has received his/her products. Disputes aren’t possible on F.E orders.

However, F.E privileges are only available for very trustworthy vendors. The vendor must have cleared a minimum of 250 orders, and have a 4.90 rating. Being as such, chances of F.E-enabled vendors scamming buyers is already minimum if not zero.

And finally, users can also enable multisig transactions. These are the safest modes of transaction and are a bit more complex then the simple Escrow. However, they provide the maximum anti-scam guarantee.

Payment Cryptocurrencies

Dark0de market accepts deposits via both Bitcoin and Monero. There’s no minimum deposit limit.

When Monero (XMR) is deposited, it needs to be converted to Bitcoin. The market offers an in-built coin shifter for the process which charges 1% on the conversion. Also, the conversion amount must be a minimum of 0.5 XMR.

No mandatory conversion required for BTC.  Gift cards can be purchased, used, or shared as well.

2-FA / Security PIN and Dual-usernames

These are the three security features that Dark0de offers for now.

  • 2-FA: 2-Factor authentication can be enabled via PGP. It’s a mandatory requirement for buyers.
  • Security PIN: A 6 digit security PIN is set during registrations.
  • Dual-usernames: On the login screen, users enter their private username. The public username is auto-displayed to prove they’re on the same market/URL the signed up on.

Dark0de market is missing the “mnemonic code” which generally is used to recover accounts on darknet markets.

Upcoming features

The market promises many features, which aren’t available yet, but will be in the near future.

  • Coin Mixer: It’ll be a Cryptocurrency mixer which would let you deposit funds, and receive unlinked, cleaner coins. The option for this already exists, the link doesn’t work yet though.
  • Fiat to Crypto exchange: An exchange which would let you purchase/deposit Cryptocurrencies directly using fiat modes. (May be unsafe.)
  • Autoshop: A section on the darknet market letting buyers purchase products instantly, without requiring vendor interaction.
  • Many new languages in addition to English.
  • Advanced ads: Vendors would be able to post ads on the market which may increase their conversions.
  • Additional Cryptocurrencies: It has plans to add BCH, DASH, ZEC, LTC, ADA, BTCP, XRP, and ETH.

These features, if and when implemented, hold the potential to make Dark0de the most feature-rich darkweb market to have ever existed.

“Buyer Request” feature and paid accounts

Dark0de market has this very unique “Buyer Request” feature. It’s still in the BETA mode but does work.

Using this feature, buyers can request products which aren’t yet listed on the marketplace. The only downside is, the feature isn’t free. Users must pay an additional amount to purchase one of the two paid accounts on Dark0de.

As evident from the screenshot above, one account is priced at $15.00, the other at $20.00. The “Premium Buyer Plus” account is technically a $5.00 account because it also includes a $15.00 gift-card which can be used on the market.

Buying and withdrawal fee

Apart from the two paid accounts, and the vendor-fee, some other fee-type are applicable on Dark0de as well.

Surprisingly, buying products on Dark0de market isn’t free. Both the buyers and the vendors need to pay a 3.5% transaction fee on each trade.  Withdrawals too are charged at 2.5% for either Cryptocurrency.

Dark0de market pros and cons

This Dark0de market review can’t be complete without a list of the pros and cons, right?


  • Very unique, rare, uncommon products available.
  • Acceptable product-stock.
  • Good security features.
  • In-built mixer/shifter and trading exchange (coming soon).


  • Buying isn’t free.
  • No direct payments via XMR.


As we’re about to sign off this Dark0de market review, do make sure to read and follow the disclaimer.

We aren’t affiliated with Dark0de. We aren’t promoting the use of Dark0de or any other dark web market. Buying or selling on Dark0de may be illegal.

This Dark0de market review is only to be used for educational purposes. Any other or practical use in real-life will solely be your own responsibility.

We can’t be held liable for any of your actions, including, but not limited to legal and financial.

Final Verdict:

So, that’ll be all for this piece folks. The only major downer existing on the market is its expenses. Buyers have to pay a fee, and it’s 3.5% of the transaction which isn’t cheap either.

Apart from that, the other features are pretty impressive. The fact that it already has a shifter and mixer incorporated, and has plans for the trading exchange are beyond current industry-standards.

It also has a very transparent and detailed “Privacy policy” (which is rare for DNMs). It details exactly what data is collected, for how long, and how it’s handled or deleted.

However, the product-stock could be improved.  Also, XMR payments could be made direct without requiring BTC conversion.

All in all, we’d say the market can be rated a 4/5 as far as this Dark0de market review goes.