Cocaine Darkweb Marketplace Review – Mirror and Complete Review

The name says it all, Cocaine Market is obviously a marketplace which sells Cocaine.  But a marketplace is made up of a lot more than just what it sells, like is it secure enough? What are its refund policies? How anonymous is it and many other aspects? That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this Cocaine Market review.

If you’ve been on any traditional Darknet Market, or have even been through one of our reviews of those traditionals, chances are you’ll be disappointed with Cocaine Market considering how it’s not a traditional but rather an individual marketplace.

Difference Between a Traditional Darknet Market and an Individual Market.

In order to not be disappointed and fully understand the features mentioned in this Cocaine Market review without any prejudice it’s important I walk you through the basic differences between traditional and Individual marketplaces.

Traditional Marketplaces have hundreds if not thousands of vendors selling on them, each vendor has couple products to sell which raises the total product-stock of the marketplace to the thousands.

An Individual darknet market however has just one (or sometimes a small group of vendors) selling on them and almost always the vendor himself is the owner of the complete marketplace as well, hence the product-stock is pretty low in quantity if and when compared to the traditional Darknet markets.

Traditional Darknet Markets accept “third-party” vendors, meaning anyone who wishes to sell products on the markets can pay the required vendor-bond and start selling.

This isn’t allowed on Individual markets, only the admin of the marketplace sells on these marketplaces and doesn’t allow third-party vendors.

Traditional Darknet Markets act as supervisors and provide security features like Escrow to facilitate a smooth, scam-free trade between the two parties. If either party scams, the marketplace can disable their accounts, freeze their funds and so on.

An Individual marketplace has no such fear, as the website-owner himself is the vendor hence there’s no supervision whatsoever.

In a nutshell, a traditional Darknet Market is like Amazon, or E-bay while an Individual one is like any other normal webpage created by individuals selling their own products, by themselves.

Cocaine Market Overview

Here’s an eagle’s-eye view of the marketplace enlisting all its primary features and aspects before we get into the finer details of this Cocaine Market review:

  • Primary URL: cocain2xkqiesuqd
  • Registration: Mandatory, Free.
  • Security Features: None
  • Vendor Bond: Not Allowed.
  • Currency: Bitcoin.
  • 15 Products.


Is Registration Required on Cocaine Market?

Yes, it’s a registration only marketplace and users aren’t granted access to any part of the website without proper registration.

The registration process, however, requires minimal data, is instant and anonymous, as in don’t ask for any bit of information which can be linked back to users’ real life at a later time.

As the screenshot above proves, it wouldn’t take more than a couple seconds to get registered on the marketplace.

How Easy or Hard is it Using Cocaine Market?

Cocaine Market being a single-vendor marketplace is quite simple in its user-interface, considering how there aren’t thousands of products or vendors to clutter the site anyway.

The marketplace has a top-bar which has exactly 5 links, which are  Market (which leads to the homepage), My Orders, Support, About, and Logout! The links are self-explanatory, and I guess anyone with basic English knowledge can figure out when each of those needs to be used.

All of the rest of the screen is dedicated to product listings!  There’s absolutely nothing else on the screen, no announcements, sidebars, currency-tickers or anything else generally found on similar sites.

While it does de-clutter the site and keeps things simple, I did notice the lack of two features which I consider important. A proper “categories” or “types” section which could help users find their products faster, and a search bar.

The marketplace may argue that the two elements have been removed considering how the number of products on the marketplace is quite low and narrow, but in that case, as well the elements would’ve saved time and made things even simpler for complete newbies.

Also, the prices of the products are displayed in BTC and aren’t converted to USD, which in my personal opinion could be done considering how not everyone has an instant knowledge of the actual price any BTC amount converts to.

So in a nutshell, the interface surely is extremely basic, easy to use yet still has its flaws, I’d rate it a 4/5 for the purposes of this Cocaine Market review.

What Products are Available on Cocaine Market?

The marketplace is stocked with exactly 15 individual listings. Needless to say, all of those are in the “Drugs” category, Cocaine to be more specific.

Note that the quantity (weights) of the products are pre-specified, meaning you can’t order random amount of cocaine and have to choose from one of the pre-specified weights.

The very first listed product is Peruvian Flake Cocaine, it’s available in 1gm. 2gm. And 3.5gm. Quantities, the lowest weight costs 0.0296 ฿ while the 3.5gm. Order would cost 0.091 ฿.

Then there’s Premium Uncut Cocaine (Pharma grade) which starts at 0.488BTC for 1gm. And can be purchased for up to  1.1237 BTC which would get you 28gms. of it!

Fish Scale Cocaine is available in just 2 quantities, 3.5gm and 7gms. Each priced at 0.4456 BTC and 0.85 BTC respectively. Uncut Flake Cocaine too is only available in 1gm and 3gm. Batches, the former costs 0.0505 BTC and the latter 0.1283 BTC.

There’s another listing for Premium Uncut Cocaine (84% pure) available from 1gm. to 5gm. Staring at 0.049 BTC and ranging up to 0.2146 BTC for the highest quantity.

High-Quality Cocaine is another one of the listings on the marketplace which is available in  1gm. 3.5gm which cost 0.0521 BTC and  0.1415 BTC respectively.

Then there’s German Uncut Cocaine available in 2gm. And 5gm. quantities priced at 0.894 BTC and 0.1954BTC respectively.

Synthetic Coke is only available to be purchased in a 3.5 gm package and costs 0.0404 BTC. There’s another listing for High-Quality Cocaine from 1gm. To 7gm. Packs, starting at 0.342 BTC and going up to 0.2154 BTC.

1gm. of Norway H.Q Cocaine costs 0.042 BTC, 5gms. of it cost 0.1835 BTC and finally 10gms. of it are sold for 0.3251 BTC.

They also sell 91% pure Cocaine which has 3.5gms. 7gms. and 10gms. Batches, each priced at 0.35 BTC, 0.0591 BTC, 0.0832 BTC respectively.

There are other products as well, but I’ll rather leave the rest of the research to you, although Skinny FishScale Cocaine does deserve a mention as it’s available in as many as 10 weight-batches, from 1gm. To 1KILO!  1gm. of it costs 0.028 BTC while 1kl. Would be 6.9988 BTC!

I believe that’s the most transparent, detailed information I could get you about the products on the marketplace in this Cocaine Market review.

How to Order on Cocaine Market?

This is a section on the marketplace which didn’t exactly impress me; the ordering process isn’t automated and is not only manual, but also somewhat demanding.

Before doing anything else, the marketplace demands Bitcoins to be deposited to the account! Only after BTC is deposited does it allows products to be added to the cart.

Once Bitcoins are deposited, a contact form is made available through which all further communications such as shipping information or other preferences are conveyed between the two parties.

What are its Shipping, Security Payment Policies?

The Marketplace accepts only Bitcoin as the mode of payment. There’s an additional USD $30.00 shipping fee on all orders, regardless of destination, product or any other factor.

Also, there’s no documentation for its refund policies, anonymity policies, log policies or anything of that nature.

As for security, absolutely none of it’s available. No Escrow, 2-FA or Multisig are accepted or implemented. But that’s acceptable considering how most of the single-vendor marketplaces do not have such advanced security features anyway.

Final Words on Cocaine Market Review

Cocaine Market as a marketplace for cocaine, based purely on its number of products is pretty good, but then if the other features such as security, ordering-process or refund policies are brought it, it may not be such a happy decision.

Either way, in my personal opinion I’d give it a try only with an amount I’m willing to lose, considering its non-transparent, advanced-deposit required policies.

But do let me know what you think of the marketplace and your two cents on this Cocaine Market review, did we do justice to the marketplace? Was it detailed and honest enough? Drop your feedback.