CaveTor Markets Review

CaveTor is one of the less talked about Darknet markets out there with lesser products, vendors, and users, but it still is a Darknet Market and hence deserves this CaveTor review.

Unlike most other established Darknet markets, CaveTor isn’t just a marketplace, rather it’s a complete network which includes a Forum, an Escrow service, a photo upload network, blogs, question-answer section and a handful of other services.

We will keep our focus shifted towards its Darknet Market section although I’ll also try to briefly talk about the other section the platform offers.

CaveTor Registrations

Unlike most other Marketplaces, CaveTor doesn’t need registrations in order to use the platform, although registrations are surely available but not mandatory.

The Registrations page can be reached by clicking on the “Registration” link from the right-corner on the top-bar. Doesn’t need any personal information and the required fields are pretty simple which include:

  • Login (basically the username you’d use to login).
  • NickName
  • Password
  • E-mail (doesn’t have to be a valid one as no verification e-mail is sent).

Considering how nothing can be linked back to your personal life, for now the marketplace seems pretty acceptable with as many as 3712 registered users.

How Easy or Hard is it to use CaveTor Marketplace?

If you’ve been with Dream, Empire, or even Wallstreet Market, you’d see a stark difference between them and CaveTor. It’s pretty easy to use and extremely simple as well, just not the same.

The top-bar holds all the important navigational links which lead to different parts of the site such as Photos, Escrow, Forum, Contact, About us, Shop, etc. The “Shop” option from the top-bar takes you to the shop. Over there it has a simple list with the categories of available products along with the quantities available.

The top-right corner of the screen holds “Enter/Registration” buttons which basically function as the “login/signup” buttons.  Just below the top-bar are two ad-spaces which can be used to display ads on the platform.

Then it lists the “Latest Products” on the centre-screen, followed by the latest posts on the forum. If you scroll further down, you’d see the activity feed which documents every new signup, upload, reply and everything else.

The right-sidebar is used to display “Latest news”, not just from the platform but random news related to the Deep/Dark web from around the internet. The lower section of the right-sidebar is used to display the “latest questions” followed by a photo section which is dedicated to porn/adult pictures.

In short, most of the interface is filled with information or stuff most of you won’t need, it’s just the shop that we’re focusing on here so only that part really makes sense for those of you reading this.

What Products are Available on CaveTor?

It’s not the most product-rich Marketplace out there so take this next section with a pinch of salt. At the time of writing this CaveTor review, the marketplace had exactly 184 products. Comparing it to another CaveTor review I scribbled down 9 days back, I must say there’s a growth of 50 individual products since then.

The available categories include:

  • Drugs
  • Electronics
  • Financial Services.
  • Other services.
  • And others.

And again like most other Darknet markets out there, Drugs is the dominant category with the most individual listings, amounting to a total of 68 products, followed by financial services and electronics.

Talking individually of the available Drugs, they include LSDs, sexually enhancing drugs, psychedelics, Opioids and everything else although they’re not categorized, at all; and you’ll have to scroll through them manually to land at the product you’re searching for.

The electronics shop includes products such as cell phones, televisions, or at times even coupons such as EmiratesAir fly-miles etc. They’re all legit products sold at a fraction of their original market-price.

The financial services section offers services such as cashouts, withdrawals, counterfeits, PayPal and credit cards and at times even passports and other such documents.

The other services section finally includes products which don’t fit in any other category on the marketplace and hence are listed in the others section, although it mostly includes document forging services, beware though I’ve seen products as weird as “used underwear” in there!

In a nutshell, it won’t overwhelm you with products and you may not even find what you’re searching for on the marketplace, but it’s still growing and does cater to the needs of at least those who don’t have very specific requirements.

How Secure is CaveTor?

Not very! At least when compared to the security features offered by Dream, Empire or any of those other established marketplaces.

There’s no PGP encryption, no 2-factor authentication, and no Multi-sig. Even the “Escrow” which is available isn’t embedded into the marketplace itself and primarily functions as a third-party entity although it surely can be used while ordering items on the marketplace.

The vendor profiles too aren’t exactly transparent so there’s no way to gauge the honesty or legitimacy of a vendor, and there’s no effective inbuilt resolution system in place either.

So in a nutshell, it’s not the best place to go if you need to order something worth an amount you can’t afford to lose. Or, get the reference of vendors from a friend if you have one and then it seems like a much safer bet.

How to Order on CaveTor?

The ordering system on CaveTor too is manual and isn’t automated like on other Darknet Markets.

Over here, you find a product you need by going to the shop section of the platform. Once you do find the product, you’d have to manually find the contact information of the seller in the item-description and send him an E-mail in order to initiate the purchase.

Note that it all happens on a separate third-party individual agreement between you and the vendor or buyer, CaveTor no way facilitates the trade, except in special cases when both the buyer and the sender agree to use the CaveTor escrow for the transaction.

Because the sale doesn’t happen on the marketplace, the marketplace doesn’t have any responsibility for the trade either and the vendors too get an easy way out if things go wrong.

So again, you should use the platform only if you’ve had previous experience with darknet markets and know what to do or not do while ordering something independently from a seller.

Because the order is placed manually, the currencies accepted too differ for every vendor and would be specified in the E-mails, however Bitcoin is still probably the most widely accepted form of payment.

CaveTor Search Functionality

I include this section in my Darknet Market reviews so as to get you an idea of how hard or easy it would be to find the product you’re searching for on the marketplace. Contrary to my expectations, the search functionality on the marketplace is actually pretty detailed and impressive.

The search icon can be clicked in the “shop” section to get to the above screen. As is evident it’s pretty detailed and lets us search for the name, description, a price-range, tags etc.

Now it doesn’t work like charm and at best only gets you products related to your keyword somehow, but even then it’s better than Valhalla to quite an extent.

The Other Sections of CaveTor

CaveTor as described earlier in this CaveTor darknet market review, that offers a number of other services. The most notable among them is obviously its Escrow service which can be used on the platform, as well as for third-party transactions.

It also boasts a forum which includes threads related to the Dark web, such as talks about slave girls, vendor-reputations and feedback, hacking and so on. It also is pretty active with daily posts and replies from users.

It has a “photos” section which is full of adult pictures and folders such as Pregnant sex, Grandmothers, Acrobats, MILF, Rape etc.

Its “Q&A” section is a section where you can ask questions just about anything on the planet, and other users reply to them, or you can answer questions asked by other members.

And finally, the “People” section is basically a members-profile section where you can get information about other members such as registration date, last visit, and even post to their walls like you do on Facebook!

Final Words

So wrapping this CaveTor review up, I’d simply say it may not be the best darknet marketplace out there, it’s not the most product-rich, most secure of most feature-offering marketplace, agreed, but it’s still a start and has shown impressive growth so far.

Also, it’s surely worth a try when you’re ordering something not as valuable, or not as easily available on other marketplaces. Apart from the marketplace too the other sections of the platform are pretty engaging and can be used to find other like-minded people, get your questions answered or just stroll through an adult gallery.

In a nutshell, the only way to know the true potential of the CaveTor marketplace is to actually try it out for yourselves, do that and share your experience with us in the comments section of this CaveTor review.