CannaZone Darkweb Marketplace Review

There are Darknet Markets, and then there are Darknet Markets dedicated to specific products, and so is the case with CannaZone as well. As the name suggests it’s a marketplace dedicated to Cannabis and that’s what this Cannazone review is about.

Unlike most reviews out there we do not make it our job to tell readers if a marketplace is good, or not good. Rather, we simply bring out all of its features, aspects, and problems to the table transparently, and let you folks decide on its true worth.

That been said, it still should be noted that this CannaZone review is purely for educational and research purposes, purchasing off Darknet markets is illegal and isn’t advised. Also, all actions on the marketplace are completely and solely your own responsibilities.

CannaZone Overview

This right here will get you a glimpse of all the important features that the marketplace offers and is made up of:

  • Primary URL: cannazonceujdye3
  • Registration: Mandatory, Free.
  • Security Features: 2-FA, Multisig, Escrow.
  • Vendor Bond: USD $250.00
  • Currency: Bitcoin, Monero
  • 250+ Products.


How Easy or Hard is it using CannaZone?

CannaZone didn’t rise to the popularities of Alphabay, Dream Market, Hansa, WallStreet Market that may be partially due to its limited niche of products but talking purely based on its UI, it totally deserved equal if not better attention.

The Interface isn’t only simple and easy to use, but also detailed. Meaning you don’t have to fish through pages to get specific information about products or vendors rather it’s all there on the main page, with the product listing!

CannaZone 2

As is evident from the above screenshot, each product displays the currency it accepts, its price, vendor’s reputation (positive and negative reputation) as well as the source and possible destinations!

I also said it was simple, didn’t I? Well, it provides for a search panel just on the top-bar and all of its important links are to the extreme right corner. The left-sidebar like on most other Darknet Markets is where the product-categories are housed, letting users instantly land on the type of products they need.

Any user who’s been on any e-commerce website, or even on social networks could quite easily figure out which option leads where and when to use them.

Also, it features a “sorting” feature, which is absent even on some of the biggest names in the industry, it helps users sort their products based on price (low to high and vice-versa) and popularity.

Another rare feature includes its ability to display prices in EUR, USD, GBP, CHF and even CAD for products, based on your choice. This makes it easy to understand the price and users don’t have to manually convert the price displayed in BTC or other currencies to their fiats.

Although the prime reason why I said it deserves utmost attention is because of its extremely detailed F.A.Q. The guide has detailed, step-by-step instructions on just about everything that a user may ask for.

It includes articles on How to buy, How to Setup 2-FA/Multisig, setting up a secure environment, being a vendor, Setting up BTC and XMR wallets and everything else! It’s extremely rare, if not completely unheard of for Darknet Markets to put so much effort into actually helping and guiding users through the process.

All of these features go toward making it an extremely easy platform to use and navigate around.

 Do you Need to Register on the Marketplace?

Yes, like almost all the Darknet markets out there (except some, such as SilkRoad 3.1) CannaZone too requires registration.

Non-registered users have access to all of the site, except actually being able to place orders. So you can browse the products, check the interface out, learn about its features without registering.

The registration process also seemed stricter than on most other marketplaces, meaning it has quite a few requirements for your password, and the PIN (which is used to recover accounts).

The PIN has to be of 8 characters, and can’t be the same as the password. Also, the Captcha isn’t always cooperative.

But at the end of the day, it’s completely anonymous, doesn’t need any verification whatsoever (nor E-mail, neither identity) and instantly activates the accounts.

What Products are Available on CannaZone?

Despite being somewhat limited in its product-type, CannaZone doesn’t disappoint with the quantity of the products!

As of today (17.12.2018) it has an indexed stock of as many as 235 individual products! The products are divided into a number of categories which include Weed, Hash, Concentrates, Edibles, and Seeds.

Each of these categories are further divided into a number of subcategories. Weed for e.g. has a total of 149 individual listings which comprise of Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and Others.

Hash is divided into Afgan, Morocco, Lebanese and Other and has exactly  32 products in total. Cheapest being Zero Hash for 7.00EUR and the most expensive being 10gms. of Zahra for 66.00EUR.

Concentrates has no sub-categories and has exactly 24 products, Simpson oil being the cheapest at 11.00 EUR and 5gm. of Nun Rug being the most expensive for 357.71 EUR.

Then there are Edibles, 14 of them to be exact which are spread out in sub-categories which include Cookies, Sweets, and others. The cheapest product being Cannabis chocolate for as low as 5.03 EUR while THC infused gummy-bears may cost as high as 89.00 EUR.

What are the Security Features on the Marketplace?

After all is said and done, it all boils down to one thing- Security! Both technical, as well as moral (can you trust the marketplace vendors?)

For starters, the marketplace does provide Escrow! Hence the payment from buyers isn’t sent directly to the vendors, but is rather kept with the marketplace till the order is received by the buyer.

Then there’s 2-FA using PGP. Because 2-factor authentication can’t be enabled on Darknet Markets using cell phone OTPs (obviously, that’ll be an anonymity graveyard won’t it) they use PGP to do so.

In this case, the users are presented with a PGP encrypted message (generally a word or phrase) which can be decoded using only each individual user’s own private keys, only upon successful decrypting of the message are they granted access to the accounts.

This makes sure that even if your passwords are compromised, your accounts won’t be!

Furthermore, it supports both 2 of 2 as well as 2 of 3 multisig transactions; it basically is an advanced BTC transaction protocol which needs at least 2 out of 3 (in the latter case) signees to authorize a transaction before funds can be moved.

The involved parties in 2 of 3 multisig are the Vendor, the buyer and the marketplace which helps prevent vendor autonomy on transaction during a trade.

Finally, there’s also a PIN enabled, which users set during registrations. This helps users recover their account passwords when lost, So in a nutshell, it’s pretty secure and doesn’t lack any of the security features that any other Darknet Market boasts of in my personal experience.

How good is its Search Functionality?

The search functionality is another important part of any review I scribble down, the same holds true for this CannaZone review as well.

Apart from the search bar on top, it also has a search-panel on the left-sidebar. And again, like most of the market’s features, it’s at par with other Darknet markets in the industry.

It provides all the filters that most us would seek which include a minimum-maximum price bracket, specific vendor selections, currency selection, source and destination country!

Used right, the filter is completely capable of showing only the products which would suit your needs, budget and shipping requirements!

How to be a Vendor on CannaZone?

CannaZone is a third-party marketplace meaning it does accept third-party individual vendors, for a price.

The vendor bond is priced at USD $250, and it’s refunded when the account is willingly closed by the vendor without any disputes. Any user can create a normal account and then apply to be a vendor.

It however does ask to prioritize buyers and has a mandatory ticket-response time of 2 days within which vendors must reply to questions or doubts asked by buyers.

Note that vendors from the USA aren’t accepted! They also have a “trusted vendor” seal which is provided to vendors after they’ve gained some reputation on the marketplace. This seal is provided after individual vetting of each vendor.

They also have a “level system” (points for professionalism!) so vendors get points for successful orders, and lose on disputes and negative feedback.

What are its Payment, Shipping and Refund Policies?

There’s no exact shipping date and time as all vendors ship according to their own timings and conveniences. However the marketplace makes sure that all orders are shipped within 4 days of the orders being placed, after which they’re canceled and orders refunded.

The marketplace lets users pay using BTC, or Monero. Which currency exactly, or if both are accepted really depends on the vendors selling the products.

Final Words on CannaZone Review

I believe that’s everything that needed to be laid out in this CannaZone review, I’ve talked about its products, registrations, vendor policies, shipping policies, user interface, security, search functionality, and payment. Not a lot missing I hope?

In my personal opinion, I do believe it’s one of the best marketplaces regarding security, user-importance, and professionalism. Can’t really be sure of its products cause I’ve not tried them personally.

But as a marketplace, it sure seems worth a try, but that’s just me talking. Do drop your opinions on the marketplace as well as this CannaZone review in the comments. Would you give them a chance?