BlockBooth Marketplace Review With Working Onion Links

If you’re on this page, your last search was most definitely BlockBooth review, or maybe Darknet Market reviews? Either way that’s exactly what this piece is about.

BlockBooth is not a complete marketplace, and rather a listing platform or a kind of Search Engine for a different marketplace called OpenBaazar, over BlockBooth vendors simply list their products and provide contact information for further communications, trades.

Although it did come up with a completely new concept for the user interface, as well as the product listings which make it one of the most unique Darknet markets in the industry as I’ll explain in the following sections.

Without beating around the bush, let’s get started with this BlockBooth review, I’ll try and bring in all the aspects of the marketplace as transparently as possible to give you an insight of what exactly it’s made of.

BlackBooth Overview

Here’s a glimpse of what the platform consists of before embarking on a full-fledged BlackBooth journey:

  • Primary URL: vnjzhvm5gkctyldn
  • Registrations not required.
  • Currency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, ZCash
  • 33379 Products available

Is Registration Required on BlockBooth Marketplace?

As BlockBooth isn’t a marketplace it only connects Vendors and Buyers and acts as a gateway between OpenBaazar and users, it’s completely free to access as well as use and doesn’t need any kind of registrations.

How Hard/Easy is it to use BlockBooth?

The ease of using a platform depends on its user-interface, doesn’t it? When it comes to that it has a top-bar with the navigational links which include Home, Search, Stats, Privacy and so on.

The left-sidebar is where all the filters for the search-bar are hosted, these filters make the search functionality one of the best as will be explained later.

And the centre-screen is dedicated to products. That’s about it, hence it does seem like one of the cleanest interfaces so far.

Although it does n’t have a “categories” menu which could ease things up for users considering how not everyone may be willing to scroll through hundreds of search results to get to the products they want.

In a nutshell, the interface is clean and simple yet maybe not as effective as some other marketplaces but then again considering its purposes of being a search engine and listing platform rather than a complete marketplace, I suppose that’s acceptable.

Which Products are Available on BlockBooth?

As of today, BlockBooth has 33379 individual products for sale on the OpenBaazar marketplace, which doesn’t include the 27557 listings which have expired or the 4133 listings which have been deleted.

These numbers establish the fact that when it comes to products, the Marketplace is quite impressive.

Although unlike most other platforms which classify their listings based on product types such as Drugs, Counterfeit, Financials etc. BlockBooth classifies them broadly on two types- Physical Goods and Digital Goods.

As of today, 27948 products (84% of the total listing) are in the physical goods section while 4355 (13%) are in the Digital category.

From my research on the platform, it’s evident that nearly everything a Darknet Market may and should consist of is available on BlockBooth, for e.g. it contains Drugs, Fake documents which include Passports, Visas, Driving Licenses etc. as well as E-books, Counterfeit notes etc.

Even some “not so Dark” products such as Stickers and T-shirts are available which go towards establishing the fact that it lists just about everything, illegal products yes but also the legal ones, an unbiased Darknet market, that’s a first!

Which Currencies can be used to Pay on BlockBooth?

BlockBooth being a search engine of sorts, doesn’t accept direct payment, however the three coins which can be used to make purchases for the products enlisted are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and ZCash.

The two other coins except Bitcoin facilitate a faster as well as cheaper transaction as compared to Bitcoin, however, their security may not be as good as BTC.

Also, some vendors on OpenBaazar accept other coins as well, although buyers need to manually E-mail and ask them to do so.

So in a nutshell, the products found on BlockBooth aren’t BTC-centric which is a plus as far as Darknet market products go.

How good is BlockBooth Search Functionality?

One of BlockBooth’s primary purposes is to let users easily find the products they’re searching for and hence the search functionality is of immense importance.

Filters are what make any search process narrower and better, well BlockBooth has a left-sidebar armed with an army of filters which lets users filter products on a number of metrics.

For starters, it has a filter which lets people filter Physical goods from Digital ones or services. It’s the first Darknet Market I’ve crossed paths with offering this specific filter.

It also has a filter for “Adult content” which filters out 18+ materials and helps users get to a friendlier product-listing, not that anyone on the Darkweb will take offense if those products are displayed anyway.

Then it lets users filter content based on the “payment currency” hence only those products will be shown which fit your mode of acceptable payment, the three currencies as mentioned above are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash as well as ZCash.

Furthermore, it also lets users filter products based on where they’re shipped to, hence you won’t land on a product only to be notified that it’s not shipped to your location as long as the filter is used.

And finally, it has a “Minimum sale amount” filter which only shows you products which have a pre-chosen number of sales such as 100, 500 or maybe 10,000.  This helps you reach established vendors and trusted products.

How Good is the Vendor Transparency on BlockBooth?

Vendor Transparency means how well the reviews, sales, feedback, trust and other factors for a vendor are displayed or shared with the buyers. This helps users filter the trustworthy vendors from the newer, potentially scammer ones.

It shows the seller’s ratings, the age of the store which indicates the time since when he/she has been selling on OpenBaazar, along with the last modification date of the product and reviews from other buyers for the products.

It’s not extremely detailed as there are marketplaces which provide much more information about their vendors such as total amount of sales, disputes etc. but then again we can stick it up to BlockBooth not being a complete marketplace.

Legalities and Security Aspects of BlockBooth.

Considering how it’s a Darknet products’ index/ listing place/ search engine (whatever you want to call it) it may seem like a completely illegal place to hang around.

Well that’s not the case, BlockBooth by itself doesn’t host any products, it only indexes the products listed by vendors so the right people may find it, hence being on BlockBooth is completely legal.

Also, BlockBooth isn’t a “Dark products only” platform as proven by the Tees and stickers hence you’ll always have deniability if issues ever arise, you may just be there for the coffee, who knows?

As far as its security features go, it doesn’t have an accounts’ system, or doesn’t facilitate direct trades between buyers and hence there’s vendors there’s no 2-FA, PGP, Multisig available, neither is it required.

Lastly, it has a “leak-checking” system available which lets users check if their IP has been leaked while using OpenBaazar by using the Privacy section on BlockBooth, if your IP address is displayed correctly it means you have a leak, otherwise you’re good.

Final Words:

So that’s me signing off this BlockBooth review folks. As already repeated quite a few times, this isn’t an exact marketplace rather just a listing platform where you can find products and then have to order them manually from the vendors.

Hence even though it does lack security features or proper categorization it still is a good-enough place to get your hands on the products you’re searching for.

Note that the platform mentions it simply being a mediator between the vendor and the buyer and that it doesn’t handle trades, security, or any kind of accounts hence you should get your fair share of research done for your vendor before ordering something off them.

Bottom line, like any other Darknet Market BlockBooth too is only as good as the user using it, use it cautiously to find trustworthy buyers, take care of your security and you’re good, else doesn’t matter what platform it is you may not have a great time over there.

Do let me know what you think of BlockBooth, as well as this BlockBooth review, also if there are any points we missed, or questions you’ve got bombard us with them in the comments section, or on our social networks.