BitBazaar Review (Scammer) – Darknet Marketplace for Drugs


Darknet Markets have been around since forever, however with time they keep getting seized, exit-scamming, or just shutting down operations. Newer marketplaces come up, at times with newer, exclusive features bridging the gap. This BitBazaar review deals with one such marketplace.

When I first found the link, I didn’t think much of it. How much could a 1-day old marketplace offer?

Well, they proved me wrong. The marketplace seems to have learnt from the veterans and brought in features which were either missing, or just not perfect.

Disclaimer – Using Darknet Markets is illegal. This review is purely, solely and exclusively for research and educational purposes. To show the types of Darkweb markets in existence today even after the govt’s extensive prevention-measures. Do not trade in anyway on a Darknet market. We do not have any financial or other gains directly from the Darknet market.  Doing so is completely and solely your own responsibility. We strongly advise against it.

Anyway, without beating around the bush, let’s get started with this BitBazaar review:

BitBazaar Overview

Too tired or short on time to dig through the entire BitBazaar review? Glance over the outline to form a rough idea of its potential:

BitBazaar REview

How Easy/Hard is it Using BitBazaar?

If you’re looking for something modern and fancy, you may be disappointed. However if keeping things traditional, easy and super-informative is more of your style; BitBazaar would steal your hearts.

This is a glimpse of the homepage that BitBazaar offers:

Just by looking at the thumbnail, the user gets informed about the product, how it looks, its price, the currencies he/she can use to make the payment, number of sales, and vendor-details.

There’s a login/register option on the right-sidebar. Scrolling down users get a left-sidebar which lists all the product-categories and their sub-categories. So it’s sort of a filter which you can use to find your products faster.

The product-pages for each individual product too are just as easy to understand, with a bit of extra information. It would have the time when the product was last ordered, shipping source and destination as well as a description for the product.

Bottomline, they kept things easy to understand even for the first-timers.

Anonymous/Stealth Orders

In an attempt to offer most anonymity to its users; the marketplace has brought in “Stealth orders”.

It basically is the feature which allows users to place orders and receive products without registering at all!

So anyone with sufficient funds can place an order without creating an account or depositing funds.

Once an order is placed, users get 12 hours of time to make the payment to the provided address. The marketplace provides users with an Invoice Key and Invoice password, which these non-registered users can use to access the order status and check other details.

No Deposit Required

This is a feature associated with stealth orders, although it primarily protects users against exit-scams.

Unlike most other marketplaces, BitBazaar doesn’t require users to deposit funds before ordering products. Meaning no “wallet-deposits” as such are required.

Rather, users can make payments on the final order page, for each individual order with the exact amount required.

Because there are no wallet-deposits, there are no extra funds remaining on the marketplace wallets and hence the market can’t exit-scam as it doesn’t have any funds to run away with.

Anonymous Registrations

As mentioned above, registration is completely optional. Although it’s available. Registering enables users to avail additional features such as a wallet, Auctions, and curate a vendor/buyer profile with public stats.

Registration is absolutely free both for Vendors as well as Buyers for now. Users can register simply by entering a desired username, a display name, password and a PIN.

The same account can be used to list items if you’re a vendor or buy products from other vendors.

Variety of Products

The Darkweb is popular because users get to purchase illegal or “hard to come by” goods with ease over the Internet. Hence what products are or aren’t available on a marketplace matter, a lot.

The products can be browsed from its product-category on the right-sidebar. Here’s a full classification of all the products currently available on the marketplace:

  • Cannabis
  • Stimulants
  • Opioids
  • Benzos
  • Dissociatives
  • Psychedelic
  • Prescription
  • Digital
  • Physical
  • Software & Malware

As is evident, the first 7 categories are purely dedicated to Drugs and/or Narcotics-related products.

Although the 10 categories listed above were only the primary ones. Each of these have their own secondary sub-categories. For e.g. you can find Hash, Seeds, Concentrates, Edibles etc. in the Cannabis category.

Cocaine, Meth, Speed, 2C, NB, DMT etc. all have their parent categories. This sub-division helps the marketplace display a larger number of product categories at a glance, and helps users find their products faster.

If you head over to its “Physical” section, the marketplace also offers other products which aren’t Drugs, yet are physical, real-world products.

Or the second most popular commodity on the Dark Web, Finance related goods too can be purchased off the Marketplace. Some of these products are CVVs, PayPal accounts, Bank accounts,  Dumps, eBooks, Scans etc.

Exploits and Malware too are available.

BitBazaar probably will have limitations on Weapons, Fentanyl, Child Porn and other extreme products however the F.A.Q link isn’t up yet and hence this isn’t confirmed.

6 Payment Currencies

BitBazaar arguably is the best darkweb marketplace when weighed exclusively in terms of “currency-support”.

It provides its users the liberty to pay via a number of coins. So whatever it is you’re looking for, anonymity, speed, or stability? Make your pick!

The supported currencies are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Monero
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Bitcoin Cash.

Is BitBazaar Secure?

One of the most crucial aspects I can discuss about the marketplace in this BitBazaar review is its security, isn’t it?

Marketplaces these days implement multiple measures to prevent themselves from being seized, their user accounts from being hacked or identified, and to prevent any data leaks.

BitBazaar is a PGP-compatible marketplace, hence it uses PGP not only to implement 2-FA for user accounts but also for communications between the vendor and the buyer.

It also has an Escrow in place which facilitates a secure transaction between both the parties.

Its 8-digit PIN set during registrations helps in account-recovery, as well as while making any major changes to the accounts such as Depositing or withdrawing funds.

The only measure it seems to be lacking for now is that of Multisig transactions, which may be very well implemented in the upcoming days.

Filter-Rich Search Panel

When a user lands on a marketplace, not always is it fast and easy to find the exact product he/she is searching for.

So in most of our Darknet market reviews, we try to review the search-panel of a marketplace. The more filters it offers and the narrower a search-criteria can be made the better it is.

Here’s what the search-panel at BitBazaar looks like:

The first filter is that of Categories, so this can be paired with the users’ keyword to exclude other categories and only search in the category specified by the user.

Then users can choose where the product “Ships from”. This helps them specify products either from a nearby location, or from a safer one.

The “Ships to” filter makes sure whatever product you’re searching for actually ships to your country/location. There’s no point in going through the entire process only to discover it doesn’t ship to your place now, is there?

You can also select the transaction type, if you’re specifically looking for Escrow, F.E or Half F.E transactions.

Bottomline, it may not be the most convenient  search-functionality out there, yet sure is an acceptable and satisfactory one.

Multiple Shipping Options

It’s one of those marketplaces which offers 4 shipping options for each order. Users can choose from:

  • SuperStealth Europe. (USD $10.00)
  • SuperStealth Worldwide. (USD $15.00).
  • SuperStealth Europe (USD $45.00).
  • SuperStealth Worldwide (USD $75.00)

Exclusive “Auctions”

This warrants a mention in this BitBaazar review considering how it’s an extremely exclusive feature and almost no other marketplace flaunts it so far.

It is a feature which lets vendors “auction” off their products.   Buyers bid on the product, and the highest bid wins.

Each auction has its own mode of payments and shipping policies. Although the “quantity” on these products is pre-specified and these can’t be ordered in batches as the normal products.

Wrapping up

So that’s what BitBazaar is made up of folks. Will it rise to the heights of Alpha or Dream Market? Time will tell. But for now, it’s a pretty decent start.

The products are acceptable, security features are almost, and Payment methods definitely are impressive.

The Auction feature is new addition to the industry. What do you think of BitBazaar and its features? Do you think this BitBazaar review shines enough light on the marketplace? Do let us know in the comments.