Berlusocni Darknet Marketplace Review

Running short of Darknet Markets to buy from? This Berlusocni Market review should solve that problem right here. Throughout this review, I’ll discuss how well it caters to users needs, their security, and other advanced features which we should take note of.

Even though the marketplace isn’t as popular as Dream market or WallStreet Market, it sure seems to have all the ingredients of being in the same league, although go through this Berlusocni market review and do form your own opinion.

Berlusocni Market Overview

Here’s an overview of the marketplace before we dig deeper into the market’s details:

  • Onion URL: hky3mzk3jtmd4zt4
  • Registrations open.
  • Supports PGP/2FA/Escrow.
  • Vendor Bond: 0.04688039 BTC
  • BTC, Monero, and Litecoin accepted.
  • Forum: lokwbo54utdfvr4r
  • 16504 Products available.

Berlusconi’s Official Mirrors

  • 55j6kjwki4vjtmzp
  • hky3mzk3jtmd4zt4
  • 3m2pyft7fyzjqymu
  • n2sfn2qvqe4mcgzp
  • ptdpdxezmwskytgw
  • ncxymin2433dtnz3

From the looks of it, the above overview does establish the fact that it’s a marketplace surely worth peeping into.

How to Register on Berlusocni Market?

Registration is mandatory in order to access the marketplace, although it’s free, as well as easy and anonymous. Simply going to the homepage and clicking on “Create Account” would bring up the following form.

As is evident, the only required details are username and password. Isn’t that the least amount of data a platform could ask for when it comes to account registrations?

No personal information, identity proof, or verification is required and the accounts are instantly activated.

How Hard or Easy is it Using the Marketplace?

Darknet markets have a media-crafted reputation of being super techy, super hardcore places which only tech-savvy hackers and programmers can get into, but contrary to that as most of you know these marketplaces are nothing more than simple web pages anyone can navigate around.

Here’s what the Berlusocni Market homepage looks like:

As is evident, it looks identical to most other established darknet markets out there which keep things traditional and easy for users, especially those who’ve used other Darknet markets in the past.

Even for complete first-timers, it’s clear that the top-bar consists of navigational links such as Forum, Orders, Support, Profile, etc. Basically the most important links on the marketplace.

Then the left-sidebar consists of product categories which makes it easy for users to narrow their searches down and land on products they’re hunting for.

And all of the center-screen is dedicated to individual products from Trusted vendors which helps first-timers directly find vendors who have an established reputation without having to fear being scammed.

In my personal opinion, the user-interface at Berlusocni Market is equally easy if not easier than Amazon, Flipkart or any of those clearnet E-commerce sites.

Which Products are Available?

Once we’ve established the fact of it being easy, the next factor we need ponder upon is if it has enough products and the right ones which users generally search for.

Currently, it has 16504 listed products to be exact, and it’s worth a mention that just 3 weeks back the number was 14374 so there’s a massive growth of around 15% in just under a month which speaks for its growing user-base both in terms of customers as well as vendors.

The available products include but aren’t limited to  Drugs, Fraud, Jewelleries, Security and Hosting, Software, and even weapons

Drugs as is the case with nearly every other Darknet market out there are the most well-stocked category with as many as 7959 products, they’re sub-divided into Cannabis, Hash, Esctacy, Opioids, Tobacco, Stimulants etc. nearly all the in-demand drugs have been listed in the category.

The next most product-rich category is that of Digital Products with as many as 2148 listings, it too has sub-categories such as EBook, Game Keys, Legit Software etc. Fraud is the category that follows next with 2084 products listed, it basically hosts products such as bank details, credit cards, or personal information of people.

Guides and Tutorials too are pretty product-rich with guides and e-books on nearly everything including carding, drug-farming/cooking, social engineering, and so on.

The one product-type of special importance is “Weapons”, it’s one of those products which are banned even on most Darknet Markets but fortunately (or unfortunately) is available on the Berlusocni market.

It too is well organized and divided into Handguns, Ammunitions, Pistols, Explosives etc. with as many as 814 individual weapons available for purchase.

Other categories with a lesser number of products include Carded items, services, Security and hosting etc.

In a nutshell, it’s one of the most product-rich marketplaces available after Dream Market and WallStreet markets.

How Secure is Berlusocni Market?

Darknet markets need to be secure for obvious reasons, you need to be safe not just from the govt. And cops, but also from the vendors and other users on the marketplace, so you don’t get scammed or cheated.

For starters the marketplace has a 0.04688039 BTC Vendor bond required for anyone to become a vendor, this makes sure only serious and trustworthy folks signup as vendors and not scammers.

Secondly, it offers absolute transparency for vendor accounts which users can vet before placing their orders, the details include the vendor’s reviews, feedbacks, feedbacks on other established marketplace such as Dream Market, total number of finalized orders etc.

This again makes sure users don’t place orders with scammers, and get their products delivered as promised.

Apart from vendor details, Berlusocni market has an active Escrow as well which makes sure your payment isn’t sent out to the vendor directly but only after you’ve received the product, hence further decreasing chances of getting scammed.

It also supports PGP which is the simplest way to encrypt communications between buyers and vendors, this makes sure even in the case of the marketplace being seized or hacked, your conversations and confidential details such as names and shipping address remain encrypted.

The PGP encryption is also used to enable 2-Factor authentication on accounts which further enforces security by adding the additional requirement of decrypting a phrase using your PGP private key in addition to your password in order to login to your accounts.

There also is a six-digit withdrawal pin required which users set after registration in their account settings, it’s required to make major changes to the account such as withdrawing funds, hence this again is an additional level of firewall against hackers.

And finally, it auto logs-out users after some time of account inactivity even if the browser is still running which makes sure no one makes changes to your open account if left unattended.

Bottomline, as is evident from the above section of this Berlusocni market review, it has nearly every security feature that any of those more popular Darknet markets boast of and hence it’s not losing any points, not for security at least.

How well does the Search Functionality Work?

Just like Everything else the search functionality at Berlusocni market too is at par with that of other established darknet markets. It has an advanced search functionality which offers quite a few filters including:

  • Number of vendor orders.
  • Ships from.
  • Minimum / Maximum price etc

The results too which come back for the searches are pretty related and to-the-point hence the search functionality wins 5-stars as far as this Berlusocni market review goes.

How can you Pay on Berlusocni Market?

Again a feature which puts Berlusocni market in the same league as other established marketplaces is its currency support, infact it supports more currencies than most other leading darknet markets.

Bitcoin, Monero as well as Litecoin is supported while most markets stick exclusively to Bitcoins, which hurts pertaining to its high transaction fee and longer delay periods.

It also lets users add “Refund addresses” in the account settings which are addresses where your funds are auto refunded to in case there’s a dispute with an order.

Berlusocni Market unlike most other Darknet Markets has a very unique “no deposit required” payment structure which boosts our trust in the marketplace and its anti-scam policies.

Meaning no funds need to be deposited beforehand, and only the purchase amount needs to be sent to the market Escrow when making a purchase

Final Words on Berlusocni Market Review

So that’s me dropping my pen folks as far as this Berlusocni market review goes. As we’ve seen there’s not a single feature which we could say the marketplace to be short of.

It’s extremely product-rich, with advanced security features and vendor-transparency. Quite a few currencies too are supported offering more options to users and vendors shipping worldwide are found on the marketplace as well.

So in my personal opinion, it’s, without doubt, one of the best Darknet markets out there at least when weighing the factors discussed above, although we’d love to hear your feedback on the marketplace, as well as this Berlusocni market review in the comments down there!