ASAP Market Review – ASAP Darknet Market Links | ASAP Darkweb Mirrors

If new & exclusive darknet market features excite you, this ASAP Market review is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Well yes, the market offers a few never-before features. Obviously, we’ll also discuss its other “traditional” darknet-market aspects, specifically:

  • ASAP Market product stock and variety
  • ASAP Market payment policies
  • Security features on ASAP Market.
  • ASAP Market official DeadDrops
  • ASAP Market anti-scam features.
  • Getting a seller account on ASAP Market.
  • ASAP Market vendor transparency
  • Security features on ASAP market.
  • ASAP Market on the clearnet.

After explaining each of these sections, we’ve also included a section for “our verdict”. It’ll give you an unbiased, honest and transparent idea about what we personally think of each discussed aspect. Sure, your opinions may vary.

Let’s get going then?

ASAP Market in a nutshell

We love lists. They’re brief, rich with details and save time! Here’s one for ASAP Market:

*That’s the  official clearnet domain from the market. It offers the most trustworthy, recent and rotating mirrors. However, never access the URL without a very strong VPN. We recommend NordVPN.

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ASAP Market product stock and variety

For starters, we’ll begin with what products are sold and the kind of product-diversity ASAP Market displays.

The screenshot above is captured directly from ASAP Market. As displayed, the total product stock is easily 6500+. So, the “stock” is sure impressive.

When it comes to diversity, you’d notice most of these listings are all related to drugs. Be it Benzos, RCs, Prescriptions, Opioids, Stimulants or most others.

However, if you look closely, you’d also see “Digital Goods”, “Fraud”, “Counterfeits” etc.

In fact, “Digital Goods” alone hosts over 3,000 listings. This tells us that ASAP Market isn’t just about drugs. It’s just that for some reason the drug listings have not been grouped together or into a sub-category.

Our verdict: The stock and variety is impressive, however, it could use some better categorisation.

ASAP Market product restrictions

If you’re new, know that darknet markets have restrictions too (in most cases). These are only applied to very extreme products or services, but they sure exist.

In the case of ASAP Market, it doesn’t allow Western Union or Credit Card transfers to begin with. Now these are two of the most common darknet products. Although, they’re also the most scammer-friendly.

It also doesn’t allow human-made viruses, poisons, fentanyl, porn involving individuals of illegal age, animals or violence.  Weapons and hitman services too are banned.

Our verdict: This list is comparatively a bit longer than other darknet markets. However, it’s more ethical and moral which is desirable.

ASAP Market payment policies

How you make your payment decides how anonymous and untraceable your orders are, doesn’t it?

ASAP Market has two sides to its payments. The brighter side is that it accepts not just Bitcoin, but also Monero. Pretty great, isn’t it?

The darker side is that it’s not wallet-less. Hence, all deposits must be made in advance. Is that a deal-breaker? No. However, wallet-less markets are sure more desirable.

Because it requires advance deposits, there also are minimum requirements. BTC deposits can’t be smaller than 0.0005BTC. Similarly, XMR deposits can only be 0.06 or higher. In terms of numbers, we’d say these are pretty affordable.

Each currency has its own confirmation requirements. Bitcoin is considered successfully deposited after 2 confirmations. Monero on the other hand requires 10 confirmations.

Our verdict: 2 Cryptocurrencies and low deposit requirements? We’re impressed.

Withdrawal policies on ASAP Market

Because the market demands advance deposits, it must also allow for withdrawals, which it does.

You only have to meet the minimum requirements for withdrawals. For Bitcoin, it’s 0.0009 BTC. For Monero, it’s 0.06 XMR (the same as its deposit requirement). Again, nothing crazy, pretty acceptable and affordable.  There’s no withdrawal fee mentioned so that’s probably free.

Our verdict: Alike deposits, it doesn’t make withdrawals any harder or more expensive than they should be.

ASAP Market official DeadDrops

You may have heard of DeadDrops, but, market-sponsored/controlled DeadDrops? That’s new. It’s the only market which offers official and in-built DeadDrops.

It can be used by a vendor and a buyer to drop and pickup products anonymously. There’s an in-built map, the ability to mark drop zones, surveillance camera reports and a lot more. Even the vendor and buyer identities are kept safe.

They’ve gone international because the DeadDrop supports more than 23 languages! No language barriers whatsoever.

Our verdict: Based on the “exclusivity” alone, it outranks most other markets simply because no one else is offering the feature to begin with.

ASAP Market anti-scam features

This may be new to you even if you’ve got some darknet market experience. That’s because we’ve never seen any other market take anti-scam measures as seriously.

So, ASAP Market brought in a “Fake Review Detector (FRD)” and a “Scam Hunter”. As the names suggest, one detects fake reviews on listings, the other searches for, finds and exposes users who’re scammers.

Both these features are claimed to be very accurate. The “proof” of allegations (if any) are posted for verification as well.

Our verdict: This is a very rare feature which really skyrockets the trust-metric for ASAP Market, especially for buyers.

Getting a seller account on ASAP Market

When we discussed features like “Fake Review Detector” and “Scam Hunter”, it became pretty obvious that ASAP Market is an escrow for vendors and buyers, isn’t it?

So yes, anyone can convert their buyer accounts into vendor accounts on ASAP Market.

The vendor fee currently is set at USD 400.00. It sure isn’t “cheap”, but hey, from a non-vendor perspective, we believe the higher the vendor fee, the lesser scammers would sign up so it’s all good.

On top of this fee, there’s a 5% commission on all sales made by the vendor. This is paid exclusively by the vendor.

Our verdict: The fee being slightly significant, on top of being non-refundable is a security feature against scammers and we love it.

ASAP Market vendor transparency

Scams are extremely common on darknet markets, aren’t they? This is why we pay special attention to “vendor profile transparency” on a market.

How much detail does ASAP Market share about its vendors? Well, here’s a screenshot:

So, it shows the number of sales made by the vendor. The positive/negative and neutral feedback too is shown.

Other details such as registration and last active date too are shown. However, it misses a few key metrics such as no. of disputes either won or lost by the vendor.

Additionally, the product listings do not show the  number of sales on any of the products. That’s something else which could’ve helped us judge a product’s quality or legitimacy.

Our verdict:  It’s transparent-enough to verify which vendors are legit and which may not be. However, the vendor profiles could be made more detailed.

Security features on ASAP Market

The market has a dedicated panel for “security” which isn’t very common on darknet markets.

As the screenshot shows, the two primary security features on ASAP Market are:

  • 2-FA
  • And PIN.

The 2-FA can be enabled via PGP. When activated, it displays a PGP-encrypted messages each time you try to login. Decrypting the message, along with your password are both required for a successful login. The PIN is primarily required for withdrawal of funds.

Apart from these, ASAP Market also has two other security features required for the DeadDrops.

  • Secret PIN
  • And Authorization code.

These can be generated for each account, and used to verify authenticity when using the DeadDrops.

Our verdict: The market offers the basic security features although it missed out on a “login phrase”. Not a deal-breaker but we believe the login phrase does  help protect against phishing attacks.

ASAP Market on the clearnet

There’s this URL- DO NOT ACCESS IT WITHOUT NordVPN (it’s an independently verified “log-less” VPN designed specifically for dark web users, based in Panama).

Do note that the clearnet URL doesn’t grant you access to the “market”. It did earlier, but not anymore. Now,  the URL can be used to obtain rotating mirrors for ASAP Market.

ASAP Market review- wrap up

If we’re to sum this ASAP Market review up, we can certainly claim it being very product & feature-rich.

Some of the brightest feathers in its cap include the FRD, Scam Hunter and DeadDrops.

Sure, it could use a login phrase and maybe wallet-less payments. But those features aren’t enough for us to discard the market completely.

The number of products is more than impressive as well. All in all, we believe it’ll attract both buyers and vendors equally. That’s all us as far as this ASAP Market review goes. If you’ve still got doubts, go check it out for yourself? It doesn’t even require registrations!