Apollon Market Review 2018

The list of Darknet Markets have an ever-increasing rise and each differs from the other when it comes to reputation, security protocols, product-availability, user-interface, and basically every other feature. This Apollon Market review is an addition to the Darknet market review series we’ve been doing to clear just these doubts!

These reviews we’ve been scribbling down are aimed at bringing a transparent and detailed review of these marketplaces so users get to know what each of these offer without they having to get on the Tor browser, register, and then research on the marketplaces.

Note that we do not guarantee the legitimacy of any of these marketplaces and how secure your transaction or trade is would depend on which vendor/buyer you’re dealing with.

Apollon Market Review

Making things easier for you folks, here’s an overview of what exactly the marketplace consists of and offers, the core-features and aspects of the same so you get an eagle’s-eye view of the platform right here before actually going through the finer details of this Apollon Market review:

  • Primary URL: apollionih4ocqyd
  • Registration: Mandatory, Free.
  • Supports Escrow, 2-FA, PGP, Mnemonic code and Login Phrase.
  • Vendor Bond: 100 EUR.
  • Currency: Bitcoin.
  • 376+ Products available.

Does Apollon Market Require Registration?

Unlike quite a few other marketplaces, registration is mandatory on Apollon Market. Although it’s completely free and doesn’t require any invitation.

The registration form however gives a tedious look as it’s pretty long at first-glance however the only mandatory fields are the username, the password, and the six digit pin.

The other fields are optional which include a Jabber ID,  website URL, signature text, PGP key etc. It’s best to ignore these as the less information you provide, lower the chances of your privacy and anonymity being breached.

No verification is required and the accounts are activated instantly. The registration process is completely anonymous and doesn’t ask for any personal information which may lead to user privacy being breached.

How Easy or Hard is it using Apollon Market?

In this section, I gauge a marketplace from a newbie’s perspective. How easy or hard using the marketplace will be for a first-timer is how I decide the effectiveness of a market’s UI.

Apollon Market kept things traditional, it didn’t experiment with its looks, layout or anything else and if a user has been on any other marketplace chances are he/she won’t notice a lot of novelty (newness) on this one.

Like any other marketplace it has a top-bar which acts as the navigation panel and helps users reach other important pages of the marketplace such as Orders, Become a Seller, Forum, Profile etc.

The left-sidebar is dedicated to product-categories so users can easily narrow down their searches and get to the products they’re hunting for. Just below that is the search-functionality, it holds all the filters and options the search bar offers.

The centre-screen is dedicated to two types of ads, the first one is Home Advertising which probably comprises of ads by the admin him/herself (just a guess) the second one is VIP Listing which comprises of listings from the vendors and can be obtained by any vendor by contacting support.

And the lower-most part of the screen has announcements from the Marketplace team. All in all, no rocket-science needed in order to understand how to use Apollon Market and hence I’d rate the UI a 5/5 in this Apollon Market review.

What Products are Available on Apollon Market?

Any user lands on a Darknet Market with the sole-purpose of either buying or selling something, hence a market is only as good as the products it offers there’s absolutely no other purpose isn’t that right?

As far as Apollon Market goes, it offers exactly 376 products as of today which isn’t a very impressive number for a multi-vendor marketplace to be honest.

Anyway the products being offered are divided in various categories, and like almost any other marketplace “Drugs” is the dominating category with maximum listings, as many as 179 to be exact.

It’s sub-divided into many sub-categories which include Cannabis, Stimulants, Ecstasy, Opiates, Steroids, Tobacco to name just a few. Among these, Cannabis is the most well-stocked category with as many as 59 individual listings, followed by 27 products in Steroids and 20 in stimulants.

The second most well-stocked category is that of Fraud, something that the Deep/Dark web is often accused of. It has an individual listing of exactly 72 products, and is sub-divided into Accounts and Bank Drops, CVV and Cards, Personal Information, Dumps etc.

It has 22 CVVs and Cards, followed by 5 Personal information and scanned documents; Accounts and bank-drops have 19 listings as of today.

Digital Goods too seem pretty well-stocked and have 54 individual listings, they comprise of Legit software, Licenses, Software (not legit) and others. It has 14 software and 1 license key listed for sale.

Hosting and Security too has as many as 15 products listed which include 10 VPNs, 3 Hosting, and 2 Socks. The Marketplace also has a primary category – Others, which has random listings such as Tasers, Marlboro and WU numbers.

Unlike most other marketplaces Apollon hasn’t banned the sale of weapons on the platform; it has an “Armory” section dedicated just for weapons. And even though it too is categorised into Ammunitions, Pistols and Explosives, only Pistols is the stocked sub-section with 2 pistols listed; the other categories do not have any listings.

Fortunately (or unfortunately for some) like most other marketplaces Apollon has banned the sale or trade of Fentanyl. Along with that, prostitution, Defamation, Weapons of Mass destruction etc. too are banned.

It also has an “Autoshop”, even though it’s empty at the time of writing this Apollon Market review it’s a section of the marketplace which lets users buy Credit Cards automatically and instantly.

It doesn’t require any physical shipment, Escrow to mediate the trades, or wait for vendor responses, rather just lists the cards and their details such as bank, country, BIN etc and users can purchase these from their end anytime they wish to.

So in a nutshell, it’s not for those who seek a wide-variety of products yet if your needs are just basics specially leaning towards Drugs, the marketplace wouldn’t disappoint.

How Secure is Apollon Market?

A Darknet market needs to be secure not just for ethical reasons, but because no party can involve the law lest an account is hacked, stolen or compromised in any way. Also, users need to be safe from the authorities themselves when it comes to using a Darknet market.

For security, Apollon Market provides a Mnemonic Key just after registering a new account which helps users recover their accounts in case the passwords are lost.

It also offers 2-Factor authentication which can be enabled using PGP keys, once enabled it provides an added layer of security as users need to decrypt a text using their private PGP keys hence even if someone gets a hold of account passwords, they’re worthless without the PGP key.

It also has a “login phrase” which users set during registration; even though it’s optional it should be filled up as it’s a phrase which is displayed on the user-homepage everytime after login.

It helps keep phishing at bay, as this login phrase is set by users and is stored on the market server, if the phrase isn’t displayed it indicates that the site being browsed isn’t the authentic market and rather a phishing page.

And finally, it does offer an Escrow as well so that no one party can scam the other; it ensures that funds are released to sellers only after the products are received by the buyers, or helps sellers file a dispute in case buyers try to scam them.

What are Deposit and Confirmation Requirements?

The Market has a minimum deposit requirement of 0.006 BTC which need to be deposited before purchases can be made. The deposited funds can be withdrawn as well for a 0.0001 BTC fee/withdrawal.

The platform needs minimum 3 confirmations before these deposits are considered valid.

 How to be a Vendor on Apollon Market?

In case you’re not a buyer and rather a vendor who would like to sell his/her products on the marketplace, you can apply to be a vendor by clicking on “Become a seller” button from the top-bar, although you’ll first need to create a normal user account.

Being a vendor costs EUR 100 and is non-refundable. All orders on the auto shop are auto-finalized after 24 hours, while for physical shipments the time is 14 days.

Final Words on Apollon Market Review

So that’s all I had to pour on this Apollon Market Review folks. In my personal opinion it wouldn’t be my first choice when I’m about to buy something off a Darknet market, but surely one when I’m out of options.

Although the security measures implemented are pretty impressive and commendable. The vendor bond in my personal opinion is much cheaper than other marketplaces but isn’t free and is capable of keeping scammers at bay.

So in a nutshell, it’s a marketplace with quite a bit of potential even though isn’t much popular or used widely as of now. Do let me know what you think of the marketplace as well as this Apollon Market review in the comments.