Altbay Darknet Markets Review

If you’re a regular reader here, it’s already known to you that we’re scribbling down this series of Darknet Market reviews comprising of nearly every Darknet Market out there, this Altbay Review too is in line with the same.

Our goal is to make a comprehensive,  extremely detailed portal here for you folks, so you get the gist of every Darknet market right here, right now without having to spend hours analyzing and understanding each one of those on your own.

These reviews aren’t guided by financial, or any other kind of personal gain. They’re simply here because I’m a Dark web enthusiast and I spend tons of hours researching and verifying the features of these Markets.

Altbay Overview

AltBay is a marketplace that’s run by a single vendor as is clear from the writing-style in the F.A.Q and support tickets, here’s an overview of the marketplace and its features:

  • Primary URL: 6yid7vhjltxgefhm
  • Registration: Optional.
  • Vendor Bond: Vending not allowed.
  • Currency: Bitcoin.
  • Forum: 6yid7vhjltxgefhm/?page_id=2
  • Products: 100+

How Hard or Easy Is It Using Altbay?

The first section in all my Darknet Market reviews is about the UI (User-interface) of a platform, which indicates how smooth, easy, or hard using the platform is from a complete newbie perspective.

AltBay has a particularly unique and exclusive UI, for starters it’s extremely plain without a lot of graphical displays it does keep things simple.

The homepage simply has a top-bar which acts as a navigational panel letting users reach different sections of the site such as Escrow, F.A.Q, Account, Cart, etc.

Then there’s the center-screen which lists the product-categories right there, the number of products in each category is displayed as a temporary slide-in tab every time users hover on any individual category.

Then there’s the right sidebar which again lists the categories once again in a textual list followed by an announcements section.

So in a nutshell, there’s nothing any user, no matter their experience (or lack of it) on the Dark web will not understand, it’s extremely newbie friendly. Although it has a slight delay when adding products to the cart and needs couple seconds before the product gets added and shown in cart.

Does Altbay Require Registrations?

Altbay is one of those Darknet Markets which does have a registration feature, although it’s not mandatory.

Users are free to access as well as place orders without registering, however, should users choose to register, the process doesn’t intrude on user privacy in any way, and is completely anonymous as well as free. Here’s what the registration form looks like:

As is evident, it doesn’t ask for any kind of personally comprising data such as real name, address, ID-proof and the only required fields are an E-mail ID and a password, both of which can be totally random without any link to a user’s real life. (Users can use Protonmail for anonymous and free E-mail Ids).

Accounts are instantly activated without any wait-period.

What Products are Available on AltBay?

As already mentioned Altbay is probably a single vendor marketplace, meaning it doesn’t have a group of vendors selling their own products on the marketplace, rather some individual vendor created the onion page and sells his own products.

Hence, the number of products is extremely low as compared to other giants such as Dream Market or WallStreet Market and is limited at just 100.

5 different types of products are available on Altbay, CC and Cards, Drugs, Herbs, Steroids and Pharmacy. Even though it’s divided into those 5 types, it’s obvious the platform is primarily dominated by Drugs of one kind or other.

The CC and Cards category has exactly 5 products which include a cashout service, a Visa debit card with USD 1000+ funds, a BTC Debit card, a Business VISA card (USD 10,000+) and VISA gold card with $5000+ in it.

The Drugs category is the second-most well-stocked category on the marketplace with as many as 26 products. The products include U-47700, 3gms. Of Black Tar Heroine, XTC, Benzocaine, Lidocaine, etc. The cheapest product in the category is Mephedrone for $162.00 while the most expensive product being “Alice in Wonderland” for $2690.00

Herbs is another category on Altbay with 15 products, in this category too narcotic products are sold however these aren’t man-made and rather obtained from natural sources, primarily plants.

Psilocybe Mexicana, Psilocybe Subaeruginosa, Gorilla Glue, TMGS Cookies, Super Lemon Haze, Sativa, etc. The cheapest you can get in this category is the Sativa Divinorum for as low as $67.00 and the most expensive product is Psilocybe Mexicana for USD$229.00

The fourth category is “Peptides and Steroids” hence as is obvious it deals with products which go towards body growth and improvement. It offers 22 products to be exact which include Ansomone, Undestor, Thymosin, etc.

The cheapest product in this category is the Nandrolone for $43.00 while the most expensive being Thymosin for $309.00

The final category which the platform offers is “Pharmacy”, it too is a drug-related category and closely related to Steroids (body fitness and health) however the difference probably is that it offers popular drugs which are available at Pharmacies and Drug-stores but maybe require a license or authentication to be purchased.

This also is the most product-rich category on the marketplace and offers as many a 35 products to choose from. The products include Percocet, ZopiClone, Methadone, ClonaZopame and even Fentalnyl, a product which is banned on most Darknet markets!

The cheapest around here are 150 pills of Xanax worth $113.00 while the most pocket-breaking one being Rohypnol which cost $359.00 for 500 pills!

Well, that’s about it. So in a nutshell, it maybe isn’t quantitatively as rich as other markets but does list some of the most popular and sought-after products on the Deep web, so I do believe “numbers” won’t be a problem for most users.

How to Order and Make Payments on Altbay?

This Altbay review section is dedicated to outlining the order process at Altbay which I must say is pretty simple.

Just click on a category, choose an individual product, click on add to cart (wait 30-45 seconds for it to be added), then click on the “Cart” button on the top bar and click on Checkout.

The next page asks users to either login, or specify their shipping address, phone number, an anonymous E-mail etc. simply fill this form and based on your address the shipping cost is then added to the order amount.

This is what the next page looks like:

It shows the exact amount of BTC deposit buyers need to make. Note that these deposit addresses are valid for one hour only, after which the order is canceled and the process needs to be repeated should users still want to proceed with the order.

Bitcoin is the only mode of payment available and accepted by the platform. The number of confirmations required isn’t mentioned anywhere although the fact that they have a 1-hour wait period only hints at the fact that it’s not more than 2-3 /transaction.

How secure is Delivery and does it provide Refunds?

They claim to ship the products in smell-proof, vacuum sealed airtight packages to ensure delivery and prevent detections. They also claim to have a 100% delivery rate and even use “decoys” to ensure the product isn’t confiscated.

No signatures are required by the buyers when receiving the products and they are sent as drop-off packages.

As for refunds, like most other responsible Darknet Markets Altbay too has a refund policy which however has some terms and conditions attached to it in order to prevent intentional scams.

It provides a 100% refund if the order doesn’t reach users and is lost in transit, although if the buyer specified a wrong address (which is copy-pasted directly as is) in that case there’s no refund whatsoever.

Everything that Altbay Lacks, and does it Matter?

Altbay being a single-vendor platform lacks quite a few things which I believe should be transparently mentioned in this Altbay review.

For starters, it lacks security features such as 2-FA, Escrow, and Multisig when compared to other Darknet markets.

But then again the fact that those factors only come into effect or use when there’s a mediator, like other marketplaces. In the case of Altbay, the owner of the site is the seller of the products hence Multisig or Escrow do not make sense.

It also doesn’t have a search-bar, but again because the number of products isn’t in thousands or even hundreds this feature too isn’t that important.

It however could start accepting a few more currencies accept Bitcoin considering the high transaction charges and wait-time for a transaction to go through for BTC.

Altbay also doesn’t allow “Vending” on the platform so this Altbay review may be disappointing for Vendors although it doesn’t change much for buyers except the fact that because there’s no middleman, there’s no controlling authority and hence the vendor/owner of the platform has paramount control over funds, orders and everything else.

Final Words on Altbay Darknet Market Review

That’s me signing off this Altbay darknet market review folks. The platform wasn’t a feature-rich one, accepted. It’s more like a webpage with some photos and an e-commerce system letting users order stuff.

If the platform is legit or scam isn’t for me to say considering how I’ve seen both positive as well as negative reviews for the marketplace none of which can be trusted with full confidence.

When taken purely on its face-value, the marketplace does seem like a viable option to buy from considering its quality of products, delivery policies, anonymity, refund policies etc.

But well that’s just what I think, do let me know your two cents on the platform as well as this Altbay review in the comments.