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According to a study by Amazon AWS dated 5/25/2017; Darknet Markets were expected to hit USD $390.00 million in sales in 2017! And this being 2019, the number has only gone up exponentially with more Darknet Markets entering the industry. That’s what this A-Z World Market review is about.

A-Z World despite being a comparatively newer market seems well equipped to tackle the bigger players in the game (based purely on its features, response and products so far).

Even If this is your first day on a darknet market, fear not as we’re making this not just into an A-Z Market review; but also a basic guide on how to use it.

A-Z World Market Overview

Before getting into the nitty-gritty details of this A-Z World market review; here’s an overview of the marketplace helping you get an eagle’s-eye view of what it’s made up of:

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What’s it Selling?

What do most Darknet Markets sell? Drugs, among other things. Well; A-Z World market sells drugs too, among other things!

It currently has 18 drug-listings in the categories – Cannabis, Benzos, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Opioids, Steroids and Stimulants.

It also has a long list of other available products, mostly Digital which include (but not limited to):

Fraud: This is where you buy almost everything that a Darknet Market stands for, Credit Cards, Hacking Guides, Gmail accounts, PayPal Accounts etc. Currently has over 216 products.

Porn and Erotica: Porn is expensive, isn’t it? Not on a Darknet market. This section would get you premium, lifetime accounts of just about every porn website out there.

Not enough? How about secretly filmed videos? Yeah that’s there too!

Guides and Tutorials: This is where you get guides on just about everything that’s illegal (or just not socially, ethically or morally acceptable) from Hacking, Cashing out, Carding, to opening Handcuffs!

Security and Hosting: This is where you get to buy RDPs, VPNs, Anonymity Kit, Domains, Hosting etc. and even items of physical security such as guides and tools on protecting yourself from the law.

Exploits: Into Hacking? This is what sells items related to that. You can buy Hacking tools, guides etc. The section actually overlaps the items in the “Hacking and Vulnerability” category which too includes almost the same things.

Obviously the marketplace also has other categories such as Leaks and Databases, Software, Services, Security and Anonymity and so on each stocked with products you wouldn’t find at your friendly neighbourhood digital stores.

Oh and the marketplace also has an auto-shop! Need to buy Cards, PayPal Accounts, Socks5, RDPs? Simply click on one from the categories displayed on the left-sidebar, and make an instant purchase.

The marketplace also claims that its autoshop is one of the most advanced autoshops in the industry, based on the fact that it provides auto-checking of the cards as well as a professional POS system.

How to Make a Deposit and Purchase off A-Z World Market?

The order-process is pretty simple and straight-forward, if not identical to other Darknet Markets.

The first step you’d need to take is, deposit Bitcoin funds to your accounts. Unlike some other marketplaces, A-Z World Market doesn’t work on “real-time deposits”, means you can’t deposit funds for each individual order, at the time of ordering on the order page.

Rather, you have to deposit funds separately and then use them for as many orders as you wish (or they last for).

So go to your “Profile Options > Balance” on the top-right corner of the page:

The BTC deposit address is displayed on the screen, note that there’s a minimum USD $10.00 deposit limit as well; and the marketplace needs 2 confirmations for the deposit to appear on your account.

Anyway once you’ve made a deposit, click on the category of product you want from the left-sidebar, find the exact product you need and click on it.

That would take you to the product-page; specify the quantity and click on “Buy” if the product meets your needs.

The next page would vary based on if the product you bought is Physical, or Digital, either case this will be the Delivery-page, where you specify either your physical delivery address; or your Digital address where you’d wish to receive to goods.


Payment Modes

You may have noticed that the deposit page only has a Bitcoin deposit address; that’s so because the marketplace currently doesn’t accept deposit in any other Cryptocurrencies.

Which is acceptable pertaining to BTC’s undoubted anonymity, privacy and security.

How to Secure Accounts on A-Z World Market?

The marketplace does take its security seriously. Here’s what you can do to secure your accounts on A-Z World market:

Enable 2-FA

Go to Profile Options >Edit My Profile.

Scroll down to find the PGP Key section, and paste your public PGP Key there. This would enable the 2-FA authentication on the platform and here’s what you should be getting:

Copy-paste that encrypted message onto your PGP decryption tool (GPG4Win recommended)  and decrypt it which should get you an access-code; paste that in the “Decrypted code” section of the marketplace’s PGP page.

And finally click on save. Whenever you login next, the marketplace will show you a random, encrypted message which needs to be decrypted and used to login along with your password.

Other Security Features:

The marketplace will show you a “Personal Phrase” on your primary dashboard, memorize it or write it down the first time you login.

And make sure the exact text is displayed every other time that you login to the marketplace. If the text isn’t there; or is different it means you logged in from a phishing link and should immediately change your account credentials on the original link.

The marketplace also lets us setup a 6-digit PIN during registration, it’s required for all major changes to the account such as withdrawing funds; make sure it’s a strong one.

From its end, the marketplace makes sure you don’t lose your accounts by providing users with the “recovery phrase” just after Signup. This can be used to recover accounts in case access to it is lost.

Bottomline; it’s secure, and there aren’t many other security features which could be implemented or found even on other Darknet Markets.

Selling on A-Z World Market

I’d also like to address the vendors reading this A-Z World market reviews. Yes, if you’re an individual with a product worth selling on A-Z World, the marketplace won’t mind.

Here’s a list, items related to which can’t be sold on the marketplace:

  • Child Porn
  • Prostitution
  • Weapons
  • Russian – citizen information.
  • explosives and murder services.

Think you can comply to that? And have an extra USD $60.00 laying around (that’s their vendor bond). If yes, you can apply to be  a vendor on the marketplace.

What information about you is Shared:

A-Z World Market seems to be all about transparency, making sure legit vendors rise up the ladder while scammers get spotted and caught.

In accordance to which; the marketplace displays:

  • The number of sales each of your products have made.
  • Your trust level.
  • Your vendor level (earned with good reputation, more sales and so on).
  • The reviews from other buyers on each of your products.
  • Sales in your autoshop; as well as normal shop.
  • Number of disputes you’ve Won and lost.
  • Feedback (Positive/ Negative /Neutral).

So yes, if you keep things above ground and follow the rules, your profile should shine; otherwise the marketplace’s T&C would force them to forfeit your Vendor bond, as well as take other appropriate action against the profile.

Wrapping Up A-Z World Market Review

So that’s a wrap as far as this A-Z World Market review goes folks.

I’d rate it 4/5 for this A-Z World market review as far as its number or types of products go; considering how the quantity isn’t that high; or the only physical product currently available is Drugs.

Its UI is definitely 5/5 considering how it’s super easy to understand and use.

Security too is a 5/5  as there weren’t any security firewalls missing, not even if compared to the top 5 Darknet Markets in the industry today.

Vending ratings will depend based on your perspective, for me personally the vendor bond is cheap; which may make it an easy target for scammers however if you’re a vendor yourself and are genuine or legit the cheap vendor-bond may be a welcoming sign.

Payment and Deposit is probably a 3/5 as more payment modes won’t hurt, and maybe a real-time deposit thing would be much easier rather than the pre-deposit structure right now.

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Bottomline, I’d rate the marketplace a 4/5 overall, why don’t you let me know your thoughts on this A-Z World market review as well as the Marketplace in general in the comments?